VPI Classic Finish

I'm unable to see the Classic finishes before ordering so I'm struggling to choose.
The Walnut looks nicer in photos but close to the TT will be some cherry finish on my Clearlight Aspekt Rack and the yew finish on my ProAc D15s (these 2 finishes are very similar in appearance) and I'm worried that the Walnut will not match and not look so good.

Any opinions on the two finishes in real life?
then go with basic black it goes with everything.
Wood goes with wood. Go into an audio store and see how bad the black speakers look. They show finger prints and very quickly look beat up.
The walnut looks great , do not think twice .
IMO the walnut looks much better than the black finish. The walnut tables look much better in person than the pictures.
I was actually in a similar position to you a few weeks back when I bought my classic. I originally intended to go with the black, but my dealer suggested otherwise saying that the walnut was much nicer looking. I took his advice and I'm glad I did. The walnut finish is very nice and "classic" looking. I don't regret my choice at all.
I believe the Walnut finish is nicer, I'm just unsure if it'll look terrible beside the other wood finishes around it :-(
I remember interior designers telling me that natural wood tones go well together...so I'd presume that walnut would go better with other wood tones than black would.