VPI Classic 4, any one have it?

i have ordered Classic 4 yesterday and looking forward to it, will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks delivery.
like to know owner of Classic 4, how are they liking it.
Csng1, the TriPlanar is an awesome arm, but be advised that it cannot be used with the periphery ring.
There's a VPI Classic 4 out now?!?!

Tough to keep abreast of these frequent(and costly) "improvments" constantly being issued by this company.
It will be probably take another year for me to add another arm, there is a 12" tri planar arm, is very costly around $10,000.00
I am done upgrading, need to fine tune VTA.
Probably get a esoteric k-3 player to replace my Sony xa9000es.
I have a 3 and bought the 10 in. arm. An absolute bitch to set-up. Rotate and move the counterweight for all adjustments. Used a Fozgometer for azimuth. But the sound was worth it. Lyra Atlas cartridge.
I will be demoing a classic 4 with Rosewood Base at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with 2 tonearms, one of them will be the 3D arm.