VPI Classic 4, any one have it?

i have ordered Classic 4 yesterday and looking forward to it, will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks delivery.
like to know owner of Classic 4, how are they liking it.
Hey Dave, I just "hot-rodded" my Classic to a "2.5," compliments of Mike at VPI. Check my system description. The upgraded version sounds a little better than my old Classic 1 tonearm base, but measurable in tweaks. It does provide a nice convenience feature of VTA on the fly.
Hi Davey
i have classic 1, i do not have a chance to hear the Classic4, but the review by Roy Gregory have me decided to get Classic 4 instead of Clearaudio Master ref. and HRX.
i am hoping to get the 3D tonearm. They said that 3D tonearm is the best VPI have ever produce, so is better than 12.7"arm.
and Classic 4 is so much cheaper than Clearaudio(used without arm is $12000)
Hi everyone
Vpi 3D printed tonearm is in production, in time for my classic 4, my dealer order a 12" 3D printed tonearm.
Did you read the report by Ianwhite on the 3D printed tonearm?
I just got the new ceramic platter... With the first listen, it sounds better than the classic platter. CSNG1....make sure your new 4 has the ceramic platter instead of the aluminum one.

No, i better check with my dealer, i did not know about it.