VPI Classic 4, any one have it?

i have ordered Classic 4 yesterday and looking forward to it, will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks delivery.
like to know owner of Classic 4, how are they liking it.
I'm interested in this TT too. Please do post once you have had a chance to listen to yours. BTW, did you hear the Classic 3 or 1/2? Why did you go for the 4 vs. these others?
Hey Dave, I just "hot-rodded" my Classic to a "2.5," compliments of Mike at VPI. Check my system description. The upgraded version sounds a little better than my old Classic 1 tonearm base, but measurable in tweaks. It does provide a nice convenience feature of VTA on the fly.
Hi Davey
i have classic 1, i do not have a chance to hear the Classic4, but the review by Roy Gregory have me decided to get Classic 4 instead of Clearaudio Master ref. and HRX.
i am hoping to get the 3D tonearm. They said that 3D tonearm is the best VPI have ever produce, so is better than 12.7"arm.
and Classic 4 is so much cheaper than Clearaudio(used without arm is $12000)
Hi everyone
Vpi 3D printed tonearm is in production, in time for my classic 4, my dealer order a 12" 3D printed tonearm.
Did you read the report by Ianwhite on the 3D printed tonearm?
I just got the new ceramic platter... With the first listen, it sounds better than the classic platter. CSNG1....make sure your new 4 has the ceramic platter instead of the aluminum one.

No, i better check with my dealer, i did not know about it.
Stringreen, my buddy has ordered the new ceramic coated platter. He has heard some mixed reviews with some coming directly from VPI. Most reviews say there is little difference between the ceramic and alum platter. He really doesn't care since he is upgrading from the old super platter.

I was also wondering why VPI did not use the ceramic coated platter at the most recent hi-end shows.

Looking forward to reading your listening impressions as you spend more time with the new platter.
I understand the ceramic platter was developed for the upcoming direct drive table. So far I hear more clarity with less "tizzies" on the high frequencies...but I still have to listen further....just got it a few hours ago.
I just posted my take on the ceramic platter, but it hasn't been published yet. My very strong advice is to get the Ceramic platter...it is very clearly better than the Classic...and not by a little.
Stringreen, any idea why the ceramic platter would make a difference. I use a SS delrin clamp and flattening ring. Sound seems pretty good to me. I concede that using the black fiber mat tends to over damp the record, but I'm just a bit confused about the ceramic platter attributes. Please explain. Thanks. Bruce
i have received my VPI Classic 4 but with 12.7 tonearm, so my comparing is with my previous classic 1, definitely there is a big jump on it. music is more involving, there is laying of instruments, bass is more body and musical, more depth, wider soundstage,better in everything, very details. instead of getting the 3D printed arm, i thought i could use this money for another arm like the tri planar or graham.
Do anyone know VTA adjustment, 1/10 of 1"( that is one mark equal how many lift by degree. or 1" movement equal how many degree changes. i am new to this VTA. According to Roy Gregory + - 2mark a lot of changes but i cannot hear the different.
i am very happy to have this upgrade. it comes with piano black finish, surface is very rough cannot be clean i don't know what materials to use for cleaning the top, maybe vacuum it.
Bifwynne....no idea why it would sound better, only that it does.

Csng1....before I would get any other arm, I would listen to the 3D VPI and make a sound choice.
Csng1, the TriPlanar is an awesome arm, but be advised that it cannot be used with the periphery ring.
There's a VPI Classic 4 out now?!?!

Tough to keep abreast of these frequent(and costly) "improvments" constantly being issued by this company.
It will be probably take another year for me to add another arm, there is a 12" tri planar arm, is very costly around $10,000.00
I am done upgrading, need to fine tune VTA.
Probably get a esoteric k-3 player to replace my Sony xa9000es.
I have a 3 and bought the 10 in. arm. An absolute bitch to set-up. Rotate and move the counterweight for all adjustments. Used a Fozgometer for azimuth. But the sound was worth it. Lyra Atlas cartridge.
I will be demoing a classic 4 with Rosewood Base at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with 2 tonearms, one of them will be the 3D arm.
I have posted a message about my 3D arm, but it hasn't yet been published. It is quite long and maybe the powers that be are checking my facts...anyway....if you are about to buy a 3D....WAIT....read my post when it gets published. Right now, the cables are breaking in. I will tell you the sound is a definite upgrade to the 10inch metal VPI. I haven't heard the new TriPlanar, but can tell you that there is magic in the 3D.