VPI Classic 3

Is it really as good as they say or not?
BRF.....the arms you suggest are very good ones, sound different from each other, but not necessarily better than the VPI. The real trick is to set up the cartridge well no matter the arm.
I pretty much used the procedure by Michael Fremer on Analog Planet > Setup tips> How to use a USB Digital Microscope to set 92 degree Stylus Rack Angle (SRA) with some modifications. Link below:


I used a different digital microscope (it was around $40) and is very high power, 800x. It is a little hard to use at that power, and I also needed to take off the front protective piece so I could get it close enough for the focus. I took the image, transferred it to Powerpoint, then drew my graphic lines on the image. Then I measured the angles with a protractor on the screen. I repeated the procedure, raising the VTA tower, until I achieved the desired angle, 91.5 degrees. So the only additional software I use is Powerpoint, and the software that comes with the USB microscope. The protractor is your standard grade school protractor.

Every stylus is different and my goal is to get it to 91 or 92 degrees SRA. I needed to raise my VTA tower significantly to get to 91.5 degrees. What is nice, is it gets you in the ballpark and then you can fine tune by ear.

Also, make sure to check your MINTLP (alignment device) again, since as you raise the VTA, you will also change the geometry of the arm, and you will need to re-align on the MINTLP (alignment device) and re-do VTF. That is why I do the SRA first, then re-align cartridge, then VTF, then finally azimuth.
Hi Captain Winters
Again thanks a lot for your details explanation, I wonder I could ever manage this task, but it definitely gave you satisfaction when you achieve your desire sound. that the fun of vinyl.
Stringreen, I have both the VPI Classic and TriPlaner arm. Yes, both good arms, I just like the TriPlaner better but I do go back and forth between them.