When I installed the platter today, I got some bearing grease on the top of it. Also those finger prints have to go.
Can anyone help me out?

Thanks, Alan
The VPI Classic platter is made from raw aluminum without a clear coat, therefore, you can use a gentle metal polish to remove finger prints and tarnish. I use Wenol metal polish with excellent results.
I don't know Wenol...the best metal polish I know of is Flitz. Before I use polish on mine, I would try a glass cleaner/spray.
Wenol is great and so is Flitz. I Pledge (for light fingerprints) followed by Wendol with a microfiber cloth used both to wipe it on and polish it.

Do not use any glass cleaner containing ammonia. Ammonia has a chemiacal reaction with aluminum that will tarnish your platter
I use Wenol (pronounced veenol) on aluminum, brass, copper, steel, cast iron. The results provide a high-polished finish with little effort. Even with handling, oxidation is slower to return than with other polishes that I have used.
Pledge multisurface cleaner, is what I was referring to. The stuff is great and reasonably priced.

Thanks for all the advice on how to clean my platter.