VPI Classic 1 use of the cork mat

I am trying the cork mat and I am not using the small plastic inner ring that is used when not using the mat. Is this correct? Also I have a Herbie mat that I haven't tried, has anybody given it try? What were your impressions
VPI platters are designed for no mats. The unit is yours, so if you like it fine.
Stringreen is correct but I have some experience with your mat options. Ringmat and other cork choices have always sounded bright and thin to me. Herbie's (which I still use) sounds more open and natural but will tell you what your TT feet sound like.
The best option for making VPI tables sound the best they can is to get rid of the minifeet, and screw in heavy brass feet with no "give" so that the table is absolutely immovable right down to the center of the earth. I use Bearpaws (Vermontaudio.com). Boy what an ear opening that was when I substituted these Bearpaws...everything is better, bass, mids, highs..soundstage,...everything.
Stringgreen is correct about the feet; I sold several sets of Star Sound brass cones for VPIs; both for ones I sold myself and others. Aluminum is an inferior material for the feet and also there is a rubber washer between the feet and the table which seems to interrupt the contact between the table and whatever it is sitting on. I haven't used Bearpaws but they should do something similar.
I was thinking about the Scout /Scoutmaster which have the rubber ring; I forget whether the Classic does or not [ don't have one in stock right now]. But I had an Aries Extended I bought for my own use with the Mini Feet and the brass cones were better on it.
Late last night I tried the cork and the Herbie's. The cork sounded a bit different but not much. The Herbie's was a different sound altogether. The Herbie's seemed to have a very black background, smoother but not quite as quick or dynamic. Of course then I must change the counter weight due to the change in height. The cork has a glue on it's bottom side which I thought might really stick on the platter after I lifted it off, so that's why I was asking about it before I did it. Well almost all the glue stayed on the platter, so I spent an hour cleaning it off. Maybe VPI should mention that.
Lighter fluid is a great cleaner for removing glue residue..and it quickly evaporates leaving nothing behind. The hardest thing about it is actually buying lighter fluid. Few people smoke now.
Few people smoke now..? Just look at the profits at altria.