VPI Classic 1 upgrade

I have a Classic 1 and wondering if upgrading to the Classic 3 is a better alternative than changing the arm-wand to a 3D tonearm. I am leaning more towards the 3D tonearm. What are your thoughts? I already have a 4" maple platform under the Classic 1 and the sound improved quite a bit.

Sent my Classic 1 into VPI due to minor issue w/motor. While it was there, I traded it for a Classic 3. Best decision I've made in a long time. I'm certain that the improvement will be much greater than a stand change. (I have mine on a Steve Blinn stand w/3" maple). And the 3 is much sexier looking! Move to the Classic 3!
..just had a hankering for the 3D arm....It should be here any day. I'll post my opinion of it.
I would wait on the 3D. Lately VPI has a history up refining their design on fly. In the next year will see a series 3 version. The Classic 3 is a proven design and has been "field" tested to be an excellent upgrade from the 1and 2.