VPI clamping system design flaw?

Heres a question for all of the VPI guys and gals on agon... with the VPI HW19, the clamping system leaves the record on a positive camber towards the spindle, is there a diffrent setuo that resolves this problem? VPI offers a number of upgraded clamps for this series of table but offers no detail about what the benefits are. Is this a design flaw? I now understand the appeal of a vaccum platter.
As for other VPI Clamps, (I've had a few) I don't believe you'll find a difference in the basic design, meaning that the cupped underside of all VPI Clamps will be exactly the same.

The only basic differences, is the conveniences of a one piece Clamp, versus two, and the different materials used, more or less dictating thier cost. Some claim differences in sound, perhaps squelching minor vibrations at the Spindle? Some have liked the BDR. or others. And some have used no clamp at all, and/or try mats.

The trick with using the VPI Clamping system, or any others that are similar, is to apply just the right amount of pressure. Too little, and the Record will not properly, and fully contact the Platter. Apply only just enough force to see that the Record Edge has contacted the Perimeter of Platter as best you can, no more.

With over-clamping, you'll then begin to see the edge of record again begin to lift off the edge of Platter.

The way the Platter is machined, with a central recess for Label Area, the proper VPI Rubber Washer, and the cupped underside of Clamp, the system will work quite well if you pay a little bit better attention, and do not rush clamping the record, otherwise you will certainly get quite a bit of variation of how well it works.

Is it perfect, no, but vacuum systems can have thier downsides as well, and possibly introduce thier own noise into the chain. Mark
Their new ring works well but is expensive and you would probably have to upgrade your platter. I have had a vacuum table and not sure they are worth the trouble. I am getting one of the rings after seeing it on a friends Aries.
Thanks for the intel Mark. I took the platter apart and looked at the spindle and the bearing. After reassembly I used a small spirit level and slowly cranked on the clamp until the lp was level. I was applying too much force.
Here's an easier method. Try tapping the back or your fingernail on the edge of the record. At some point you will clearly hear that the record is completely "seated". too little or too much and you will hear the difference.