VPI Belt types

I have an original VPI Aries Extended with a JMW-12 arm and a Super Platter. The drive belt being used is the clear/white variety. Only one drive belt in use.

Does anyone have experience with other varieties of drive belts? What is the difference, it any?
If you want to upgrade, the Super Platter should be replaced with a Classic....major improvement. Belts ..not nearly so much...You probably won't even notice a difference at all.
There's a guy on eBay selling "VPI" belts. It's pretty much a 36.1" o-ring. $15 shipped. He offers a money back guarantee.
I have VPI Aries II Extended with 12.5 arm and try both clear and black belt and they sound the same. I decided to use the black belt b/c it looks better.