Hello All,

Anyone know if VPI still makes Armboards for their Tables? I have a VPI HW-19 Mk.IV with a ZETA Mk.II Tonearm. If I wanted to try another arm, would I be able to get armboard for a particular arm? This ZETA Board was ordered predrilled by VPI when I got the Table new. The HIFI Shop did all work for me back then. I have been very happy with this ZETA Arm, but was wondering about the possibilities of another Arm. Any suggestions for a VPI Table? I dont want to switch any Tables, I love this Mk. IV with all updates. Thanks, Ray
I don't think they do, I am a VPI dealer and they are not on their current price sheet. I just became one again after a lapse of 14 years so I don't know when they stopped making them. I have an acrylic one that is factory cut for SME that I would sell if you are interested. Will sell an SME arm to go on it also, have IV, 309 and Type ii improved. Anyway, with the SME cut out you can use several arms and there are adaptors available for others. I use to sell the Zetas too , they are good arms. Email me if interested. Stan
Of course, the obvious first step to take would be a simple phone call to VPI to check. As Stanwal says though, it's doubtful they do.

But all is not lost, this Black Acrylic material can be gotten, whether you are using a standard 1/2" thick Armboard, or what I figure you are more than likely using with the MK-IV, is the Super Armboard, which is stated to be 1.00" thik, but might be actually slightly less thick. Take a measurement to be sure.

This custom Armboard work could then be done by a competent machinist, first making a clone-copy of size, drilling Armboard Mounting Holes, mount-attach Armboard with Screws, and then do a precise Spindle-Pivot measurement for whatever Arm you desire Then drill the required size hole-holes for Arm-Arm Base, and you're done.

Be sure to remember to ask VPI if they cannot do the machining-drilling for particular Arm, do they at least have the blank Armboard, so you can have the finishing work done your end? Hope this helps. Mark
I spoke with Mike about 6 weeks ago and I thought I remembered him saying that I could order an armboard for my Aries table/ JMW arm. I also read somewhere else in this forum that VPI makes an armboard for SME arms. I ended up making my own. It's was not that difficult. I suggest you call Mike or Harry at VPI, very friendly and courteous service.
It is my understanding that VPI no longer supports the HW-19 series.
VPI does still support the HW-19 platform, to some extent. If you go to their web site you will see an HW-19 section on the main landing page.

All parts available direct from VPI are listed, with pricing. Unfortunately armboards are not listed...