VPI arm base

Hi all, I recently bought a VPI superscount master without tonearm. Then I purchased VPI 10.5i, hoping to drop it in and play. I think I am missing a black piece that sits between the table and the tonearm. Any idea how to get it? Is it called arm base? I look in VPI website but I didn't see it.
Thanks so much.
Easy, call VPI and speak with them, Im sure they can provides you that part.
faster... E-Mail VPI, "vpi_help4u@yahoo.com", attn Mike.
Thanks guys. Now I need to find a cartrige that works well with this tonearm. Any suggestion?
I upgraded my Scoutmaster from 9 to 10.5i arm. You should have received the base with arm, it is not a drop in fit. You will also have to carefully allign it on the table, no template came with mine, seems rather odd. I used the VPI protractor and a square to allign mine.
I have heard two dynavectors used with your table and the 10.5i arm, the XX2 MKII, and XV-1s. Both sound wonderful! the XV-1s is a little pickier about setup but worth the effort.
Also heard the celebration II with this setup and was not as impressed as with the Dynavectors.