Vpi aries with Jmw-10 looking to upgrade cartridg

I'm currently running an Benz Ace and thinking about going to the L-2 woodbody. They have a 1000.00 exchange from the factory. Do you think this is a worthwhile upgrade for a 1000.00. Or should I just get an SDS instead. My dealer said the cartridge would be a better uggrade. What do you think?
The SDS is a long term worthwile investment because it alows your platter to spin on right speed controlled by voltage frequency, if you want to later upgrade to rim drive it will be very important. You can buy SDS + a very good cheap MM cartridge to compare the "feeling" we discussed so much in this forum about the qualities of MM compared to MC cartridges. For me no need to spend big money on MC and expensive LOMC phonostages anymore.
go with the sds. That way you will isolate its impact on your system with the present cartridge. I second Jloveys, don't spend over $1K on a cartridge. I tried a Shure 97 in my vpi once and I was shocked, almost equaled my $2k Clearaudio MC.
If you get an SDS you can then try using string to drive the platter instead of the rubber belt. You will need the SDS for this because the diameter of each and how they rest in the spindls result in different platter speeds.

Yes, the string brings quite a bit of improvement to the presentation. Use something that will not stretch (like Rayon). If you go string you may not need a rim drive to get that extra PRAT, but I've yet to hear a comparison myself, or even someone else's opinion of the difference.