VPI Aries vs Basis Turntable...which one???

Anyone compare the VPI Aries against the Basis TT? I am not sure which model of the Basis compares to the Aries?? Is it the 2500?? 2100???

Any advice?
Well, you could opt for a Michell Gyro SE with a decent arm -- I preferred that to my more expensive Aries/JMW combo. But if you must spend more money, I'd go for the Basis -- probably the 2500. The Basis tables seem to be built to tighter tolerances than the VPIs.

Not that the spring-suspension of the Michell is anything great, but the aluminum tip-toes on Sorbothane to the vibrating plinth of the Aries is not the best design I have seen...

Sorry to ramble -- it's just that a lot of designers do many things right and then finish the package with some ill-considered compromise -- like they just can't take the time to optimize the complete package. I guess these are the things that save money and why the best turntables are sooo expensive.

I think I'm going to try circumventing the suspension of my Michell with brass cones like Walker Valid Points and see what that does. Has anyone tried it?
Actually, the Basis 2000 or 2400 would be comparable to the Aries/Aries extended; and the 2100 and 2500 comparable to the TnT series.

For me, in my system, from the same dealer, the Basis 2000 with a OL Silver, was a clear choice over a Aries Extended/12.5. This is on a Apollo wall rack (with the VPI 12.5 and Rega WallyTractor and shure gage setting up both a Benz L2 or a Sumiko Celebration).

Better focus, much quieter! about the same size soundstage, but the Basis was a little taller - more solid players, with a "see around" quality, as oppossed to a "see through"; more palpable if you will. And the way the Basis does drums and drum kits (for you Tony Williams fans), both sound/dynamics/tonality, as well as soundstage size/localization, all against a silent backdrop,.......... talk about PRaT!.

Am I raving?; yea - just a wee-bit. I really love the Basis TT. Both are easy to set up, but the Basis is clean, clear, hugely dynamic,tracks anything, smooth, and neutral- like real music is for me. And like Harry, AJ really stands behind his products. Both are great if you have a question.

I am just itching to upgrade to a Vector tonearm. As well as maybe a Nueance shelf or 2? Anyone have experience with these and a Basis TT?
Wonder if if we factored in bang for buck how things would stack up.VPI has a lush sound.Otherss may give more rhythnic pace or dynamics.I have Aires extended with a 12.5.Am thinking of going smaller and maybe pocketing a few bucks.Was reading Fremmer compare the latest Rega P9 @$3500 with the new 1000 arm and he said it was more percise than the $5500 Aires/12.5 but that the stage was bigger and more lush with the VPI.Wish there were more options than the Final Tool and Nottingham for somebody like me who would like more than one arm.The nicething about a VPI is that once set up it stays set up.Maybe not to the same degree the Rega or the SME 10 stays put but the Gyrodeck,Linn, and others need to be re-setup.Maybe that Wally tactor stuff makes more sense with the tables (Usually sprung suspensions) to me re-adjustment easier.Biut I like a table that stays put after set up.Anybody have anything to say on this and how difficult different designs are to adjust VTA and azimuth etc.Know I am intruding on somebosy lese's thread but I think these are important factors.Thoughts?
Go for the Basis.
Excellent built quality, superior sound.
Works always, no change in settings.
Basis owners -- how good is their customer support? One big plus about VPI is that they are great at supporting their customers.
Could not agree more with Thomasheisig. It has been a few years since I had any dealings with Basis. At that time I could not have asked for any better support than I received from Basis. One of the most pleasant men one could deal with. I wish all my audio dealings were as pleasant, helpful, and friendly. Give the man a call. Find out what kind of gentleman you are dealing with. Sure wish I still had mine.