VPI Aries Motor noise

When i recently fired up my aries for a listen [it's been at least 3 years:-( ], i noticed some rotational noise coming from the motor.

It was quiet enough that i couldn't hear it from 3 feet away... but i was wondering if there was some basic user maintenance/lubrication that could be done. I don't see anything in the manual.

Figured i'd call VPI on monday, but in the mean time... anyone else have that issue or know about motor lubrication?
At present VPI only answers the phone Tuesday through Thursday.

While I can't comment on the VPI Aries motor. The HW 19 MK IV I have recommends using 40 weight motor oil and apply 1 or 2 drops to the motor shaft and no more than that. I do know that works and very well at that. However seeing as it has been put away for awhile, clean out as much dirt and debri as you can see. I use compressed air can and only apply as much pressure as to gently blow out the dirt.

Also a new belt would be a good idea as well.
From the VPI website in the FAQ section:

How do I lubricate my Aries 3? Once a year wipe some Lithium based grease or "Magic Lube" on the platter bearing shaft and put a dab on the ball. The motor is lubricated with two drops of 40 weight motor oil on the brass motor shaft below the black pulley.

thanx guys...

I can see a tuneup and some new tweaks in the near future..

winter sucks for that upgrade bug...