VPI Aries/JMW 10/Lyra Delos -- Phono preamp rec?

Hi - I'm new to this forum and apologize if this question has been asked before, but any recommendations for a phono pre-amp to go well with a VPI Aries with the JMW10 tonearm and a Lyra Delos cartridge? I'd like to replace my Musical Fidelity V-LPS II. Budget ideally under $1500 but willing to consider something a little more expensive of significantly worth it. Thanks!
I make these Liberty B2B-1

Theres a few reviews of this here Stereophile, Positive FeedBack, Audiogon

Good Listening

There is a very interesting unit available from Manley, Chinook. I think, it is worth the time to find a demo with it.
The new Rega Aria is very, very nice at the $1500 price point. If you can stretch your budget a bit more, then I would also strongly consider the Manley Chinook.

***Rega and Manley dealer disclaimer***
With your very nice table and cartridge you should really stretch for the best phono stage you can afford and the Chinook is a fantastic match with the Delos. I have both the Delos and Chinook, there is great synergy between the two.
We're so close on this one...I have an Aries II, JMW 10.5 and Delos and I simply love the sound (as do my local fellow audio buds) with my Manley Chinook, after having owned EAR 834P and Aesthetix Rhea phono stages previously. The Chinook is, by far, the quietest and most natural sounding tube phono pre I've come across so far. Totally great synergy as Jcoehler indicated.

I also run this rig into a Jumbo Shrimp and Snapper monoblocks into Thiel 2.4s. I wish all of you could hear this combination.
If you're looking for a tubed phono, check out the rogue ares. It is in the same price range as the chinook. I really enjoy mine and it is very neutral and quiet. It really responds well to tube rolling and can be used with just about any MM or MC cart out there.
Thanks for the helpful responses! It's nice to know there are many other out there with similar combos. Sounds like the Manley Chinook needs to be seriously considered. I also called the folks at music Direct and was recommended the Avid Pulsus, Icon PS1, Rega Aria, and Luxman. First two were a bit out of my price range but were strongly recommended. Any thoughts on these?
Hi Peter, just read the reviews of your Liberty B2B-1 and am definitely intrigued. In addition, price point is more in my range than the Manley at this time. May very well contact you in the near future.
Hello Jawks,

Please do, as you know if you have read some of my postings here on Audiogon I'm very proud of the B2B-1.

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Call Keith Herron at Herron Audio ( www.herronaudio.com ) and see if he has any used VTPH-1 phono stages available. They are a great match for Lyra carts.

IMO, a used VTPH-1 would be the absolute best bang for the buck at your price point.
Jawks: I wrote a review of Peter's phono stage on Audiogon (and I own one for a solid state system).
Thanks to all for your ongoing responses! Seems like I've got a number of options to think about here!
Check out the BMC mcci. You can read the glowing reviews on stereophile . I own one I bought a demo unit in Germany and this is one of the best phonostages out there.
That BMC mcci also looks intriguing but unfortunately is out of my price range. How much were you able to get the demo for?
Hi Jawks.

Maybe this thread can help you.


To be honest I am still not 100% sure if I made the right choice. The Roksan DXP SE is also very good but my girl friend thought it was too expensive. The RCM was €1500 the Roksan €1750.
I would like to chime in for the Chinook if you can wait a little longer to save. I had your exact arm/table but with the Kleos Sl and Chinook and it was spectacular, great synergy.
Thanks for the suggestion! It seems like the Chinook is a strong contender. I've decided to save up and shoot for something around the $2000 mark.

Any thoughts on the Ayre P-5xe or Parasound JC3 for this setup?

Whatever you decide to pick up, keep in mind that the Delos' output is .6mV. Just be sure your rig has enough gain. My phono pre has 58 db and my line-stage another 12db. IMO, more is better. Don't go less than what I have. Another 3 to 5 db wouldn't hurt.

My issue with the parasound is the lack of loading choices, I think just 100ohm MC.
I had the same issue with the Parasound that Jeffkleinberg describes, lack of loading. Two things led me to purchase the Chinook, number 1 and most important was a home demo with my components in my listening room. The second that helped the process was guidance from a well known vinyl media member who had lot's of experience with both the Chinook and Parasound and told me right up front the Chinook and Delos was magic, listening confirmed this statement.
Again, thanks for the comments! It's a tough debate right now which unit to get. Parasound vs Ayre vs Chinook. Would love to listen to all three of them but I don't think that will happen.
what tubes are you using in your Chinook? I'm using Amperex 7308's and they are way better than the stock.
Thanks to all for your thoughts over the last week. I decided to get a Parasound JC3 and was able to get a demo from a local at a really great price. I'll report back with my thoughts in a couple of weeks!
I use these now:


I really want to try some Amperex 7308's or 6922's - PQ / D-getters but can't afford a set of 4. These Nationals are highly recommended by Kevin at Upscale who also sells the Chinook and for the price, I think they sound really good and will hold me over until I can save up for the 7308 or 6922.