VPI Aries III motor and Plinth not lining up

Dear Audiogoners, please help! I just purchased a new in box VPI Aries III table. The table and tonearm came new in the box in one box and the motor came in a separate box. On the box for the table is labelled "Aries-3 and JMW 10.5i" and on the motor box it has labelled "Aries Motor 115 V."

The motor and table and motor are resting on a Billy Bags rack on the same flat platform.

When setting up the table and motor here is the problem: Unfortunately the plinth of the table is about 1/4 - 3/8 inch lower than the
housing of the motor which is 4 1/2 inches high from the base of the platform I have the table on. The motor has rubber feet attached. With this height discrepancy, I cannot get the motor in proper position to fit under the platter in the place in the plinth where it should be - about 1/2 inch from the plinth. The belt cannot line up properly.

I called where I was purchased the table from and they first said unscrew the spikes and adjust the height. This is clearly not possible as I am almost a full 3/8 inch off. Then they told me as I continued questioning that it should have come with pucks that the VPI table rests on. I personally haven't heard of this. They said they would send me pucks. Is this right? Does VPI intend for the Aries III to set on pucks with spikes?

My motor is heavy and stainless steel appearing and silver. On the VPI website the motor with the Aries III looks like black aluminum and says its only 10 lbs.

I'm looking for help. Any Aries III owners out there give me some guidance? Thanks in advance for any info. I can personally send pics via email to anyone who can help.

The way to get the real answer is to call Harry at VPI. He knows his products well, is very nice, and will make you a happy vinyl user. He is there only a couple of days a week...try Wednesday or Thursday.
Thanks it says on the phone that VPI is closed until March 17. Bummer. I'll try to call. Just wondering what the dimensions were from a height perspective of motors and plinths of Aries III owners. My motor is 4.5 inches from housing to the bottom of the rubber feet and from the bottom of the spikes to the tops surface of my plinth is 4 inches (4.25 inches to the bottom of the platter). I wish I had a local VPI dealer (in Tulsa) and my dealer I purchased from is in NYC. Dealer is trying to help, but seems confused too.
My Aries 3 came with the black motor in the same box with the rest of the TT. My motor fits fine under the platter, I do not unscrew the spikes or put the TT on pucks.
Sounds like you need to get the correct motor for the Aries 3.

Harry told me he was shipping mine shortly when I talked to him last week, I'll post something when it comes. I love VPI, for whom I am a dealer, but the only info they have sent me is a price sheet.
Is it possible you have the optional single motor flywheel? I ordered that so I will describe it when it comes. stan
Thanks Stan. No motor flywheel. Just stainless steel silver with single cylinder chassis. Four rubber feet on bottom. Just too tall for my Aries III. I think the feet cones are correct on my Aries III. Just completely perplexed.