VPI Aries clicking sound...

I recently purchased a 4 year old used VPI Aries and I notice from the motor from about 2 feet away I hear a continous rapid click, click, click sound. Any ideas of what this is?

The nice thing is I just listen to a "reference" recording, which was recommended from my favorite audio blog and all I can say is WOW!!! The vinyl had a nice pin point image, a big sound stage and there was depth to the recording. I could hear the soloists in front of the rest of the orchestra.

I'm just getting back into vinyl and the last time I purchased a record was in the early 80's. So far I have no real complaints, just a little concerned about the clicking sound which I can not hear from the seated position.

Thanks in advance...
Check the belt...Maybe there is a nick in it...just a guess...Also make sure your table is perfectly level..Good luck....
Make sure you have the pulley tightened. That was the source of my ticking. Use the allen screw to tighten it down. there is a little allen screw on the side of it.
If that is not he problem call vpi. They are excellent trouble shooters.
It's not the belt. Check the pulley. This is not uncommon with VPI motors.
Sometimes the pulley slips down on the motor shaft and begins to hit the motor face as it turns. Each hit generates a ticking sound. If so, just pull it up and tighten the allen set screw.
If you pull the motor too far away from the platter, you can put too much horizontal force on the pulley/axle/motor bearing. This caused click with my Scout.
Thanks for responses, I'll give the "tighten the pully set screw" a try. Thanks again :)
Thanks Riffer,

My motor was pulled too far from the table. Once I moved the motor closer to the plinth the clicking went away.