VPI Aries 300 RPM motor - Humming

Has anyone got problem with humming problem with the new VPI 300 rpm motor? I replaced the original 500 rpm motor on my Aries 1 with this newer motor, for $140. Very annoying and can't seem to make it go away. Pls help??
Contact Harry at VPI. They will take calls Tuesday through Thursday. He is great to deal with. I am sure he will tell you how to fix it or he will make it good. If you don't have their number, it is listed under the manufacturer's listing on Audiogon.
Dleong and Slowhand:

VPI is "on vacation" right now, and if you call them right now, you will get a recording saying they will return June 20th or so. Someone there is, however, answering E-mails, as I just went through the process of contacting VPI.
Try placing a PC mouse pad under the motor. I had hum problems but only with 45 RPM. With the pad (recommended by VPI) it disapeared. Let me know if that works.
Had the same humming with mine and never solved the problem. Seemed that depending on the cartridge/platter combo used, it would either act up or be silent.I'm still using the old motor.
I have the same problem with the motor. Have not dealt with it yet.