VPI Aries 3 versus McIntosc MT10 turnta

I am considering to upgrade my VPI Scout to a VPI Aries 3 or a McIntosh MT10 turntable. I know the MT10 is made by Clear Audio for McIntosh. Has anyone heard both units and can compare which one is worth the money? I would like to hear your comments.
You might want to also consider the Aries Extended table, which is an Aries 2 but has the capability of mounting the 12.7 arm. I am in the process of setting mine up. It is , to me, better looking than the 3 as it is made of acrylic like the TNTs. It is not listed on their websites, nor in their dealer sheets but Harry told me that there are some left. I will post my impressions when it is set up.
I have a Clearaudio so I should be biased to that side, but this is not a contest. I have never really liked the McIntosh, sounds slow and muddy to me, the VPI is stellar especially in that level. I have never heard the extended table, but that sounds like an intriguing idea witht he 12.7 arm. Reference level for sure.
Looked back at your Rig, way cool by the way, and with that gear I would definitely go with the VPI. Love the Mac Preamp/Amps together with Dynamic Speakers, I bet the sound is sublime. Enjoy.
Are you using Audio Point legs on your VPI? if so what is your impression on those legs in comparison to the standard VPI Scout legs?
I am using them on my Scoutmaster, where they have made a drastic improvement. I intend to put them on the Aries, hit a snag in that UPS managed to damage the junction box on the Aries without any visible damage to the box or anything else. But VPI had a new one here in 2 days, got it this morning. I had intended to just transfer the feet to the Aries but it came with the TNT type feet instead of the cones for reasons best known to God and/or Harry. When I figure out how to change them I probably will. I was listening to the Scoutmaster last night, I was using the SS feet and the ring weight and HRX center weight from the Aries. I had it sitting on a Michigan Maple Block 3" block with Star Sound cones point down onto my Star Sound rack turntable shelf and the sound was amazing. I have put my 2 REL subs up on cones also and it had the some effect on them, less apparent bass until there is some. I was playing some direct cut discs and truthfully I don't remember when I heard anything sound that good. I do not pretend that my system is "state of the art" or anything but it sounded dammed good. Most of it is the turntable, I really recommend the audio points, the 1.5 in 1/4 20 thread is the one. Otherwise, the more effort you put into isolating your table the better it will sound, The Michigan Maple Block I use was $125 with shipping and I think it was well worth it. The Timbernation one is even better at a higher price. There are a lot of ways to go and I haven't tried them all but the Star Sound stuff actually does what they say it will do and that's good enough for me.
Thanks for the information. I think I will try out the audio point.
McIntosh is a great amplifier company.
VPI is a great turntable company.
I have my Aries 2 Extended set up. It is extremely good, the best I have used. How it compares to other top tables I will leave to others, I certainly cannot afford to buy several for comparison. But if you are looking in this price range it is one to consider.