VPI Aries 3 Using SME 309 Tonearm

I am currently using an old stock SOTA Star Sapphire table with SME 309 arm and want to upgrade the table. I was thinking about using my current SME 309 arm with a new VPI Aries 3. Would this be a good match and how would it compare to the Aries 3 (or Scoutmaster) fitted with a JWM9? It would be nice to keep the tonearm, but I could always sell it if not compatible or if JWM is significantly better. I am using a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. Your thoughts are appreciated...thanks.

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I am a VPI ARIES 2 owner. I humbly auggest that would be a step down. Call Donna at SOTA and have your SOTA refurbished or trade it for a new one.