VPI Aries 3 upgrade advice

I have an Aries 3 with the SDS and I would like to get the periphery ring and center clamp or the 25lb. Super Platter. Which upgrade will give me the biggest improvement?

25lp platter definitely...
If you shop around, the Periphery Ring and Center Weight is about half price of the Super Platter. Also, the Periphery Ring and Center Weight will work on the Super Platter.

I would opt for the Periphery Ring / Center Weight combo for now keeping in mind that it will only improve from there on once you go for the Syuper Platter at a later date.

With the Periphery Ring / Center Weight, your LPs will be perfectly flat which will allow your cartridge to work at its best.
I would go for the super platter.
I have both the periphery clamp and the platter plus the bigger feet and bigger motor on my aries 3. the periphery clamp and weigt are the biggest improvement the feet and motor next and the superplatter third in my opinion
Another vote for the super platter first. I have it and the ring. For me the platter has much more sonic impact.

But I do use the ring, 97% of the time, to give my stylist a nice smooth ride which is no small consideration if you have a lot invested in your cartrage. So as noted above, there is that to consider as well.
Thank you for the replys. I will get the Periphery Clamp and the center weight this weekend.If someone wants to email me offline I would like to know where I can purchase the clamp and weight together and get a discount.I can't find anyone local that will give me a discount.

Thanks again.
I have the Aries 3 with the Super platter, the ring and the center clamp. I would say all help. At first it was a chore to put on the ring for every LP I played. Now I get used to it. It seems that there is more low level details with the ring. This is my first VPI so I have no experience with other VPI platters. A professional told me the thick platter is not necessary. But every well known TT got a thick platter. How could I not go for it. Isn't that the typical mindset of an "audiophile"?