VPI Aries 3 Has Arrived

The Aries 3, Super Platter, with the Dynavector 507 MKII has arrived! Delivered in just over 3 weeks...

So far it trumps the Scout in every way! Only reservation (observation) is that it seems a tab bit "slower" in the pace n' rhythm department than my Scout. The Aries 3 sounds more 'refined,' more 'controlled' overall. I am told by my stereo shop guru that this charcter will change over the next 50 to 100 hours as the platter bearing, tonearm, and tonearm wire break-in a bit...

Awesome piece of equipment; a beautiful work of art...

Have anyone else noticed a change (improvement) once a few hours have been logged on their TT?
Yes, absolutely, on my Aries 2. Give it a chance to break in, put some mileage on it and it will "catch fire" and rock your socks off, guaranteed.


Congrats on your purchase. I've had my Aries 3 with the Dynavector 507 MKII tonearm just about two months now... Each and every time I listen to my TT, it sounds better and better as time goes on. I think I'll go listen to Grover Washington Jr. now... "The Best Is Yet To Come"

BTW that was a very quick delivery. :O) Enjoy your new TT.
Are you using the SDS with your Aries 3? I found it to be a significant upgrade for my Aries 2 in terms of pace and timing. Also curious about which cartridge you've been using with the new rig?

Good listening to you.
No, I do not have the SDS yet but it is on the list....Hoping to have it within the next six months...

I am using the Dynavector 20XL that came off of my Scout...Once I wear it out I will probably go with something like the Te Kaitora Rua....

I am also investigating a 'three-belt' solution that was mentioned to me by Mike at VPI. You can remove the spindle wheel on the stock motor, then attach three belts directly to the motor's drive shaft. Of course, to do this you must have a SDS to control speeds... Mike at VPI said that this would move the performance more towards the results they are gettting with the rim drives on the SuperScoutMaster and HRX.

Instead of the Ke Kaitora Rua, I'd recommend saving a bit more and go for the XV-1S. I have a Dynavector XV-1S on my Aries 2/JMW-10.5/SDS/super platter/periphery ring set-up and I am very pleased! The XV-1S is an incredible cartridge and it has great synergy with the VPI tables. Enjoy your new Aries 3!
I have had a chance to listen to your table/arm, and you are very lucky!! I too would recomend you save and get the XV-1s cartridge. On your table with your arm it is truly heaven.

thanks for the feedback; wondering how much impact adding the SDS will have? I've logged another 15hrs or so listening to the Aries and I still swear that it is a tad bit 'slower' and less rhythmic overall than the Scout... Perhaps it is still not quite 'broken-in'...
I think the additional control of speed and the stability of that speed makes the SDS a very worthwhile addition. You will absolutely need it if you plan on the rim drive, but even if you don't, it is a valuable control. On cartridges, the Dyna XV1S is worth the up cost, however there are many excellent cartridges in that league that you should also consider.
Ditto on the SDS. Once you have it, you can't imagine yourself without it.