VPI Aries 2 , SME IV & Rotel RC 1090, cartridge?

I have a VPI Aries 2 with a SME IV tonearm. Would the Sumiko Blackbird be a good cartridge match with the so-so phono section of the Rotel RC 1090? I had been hoping to get a Mark Levinson 320s with phono, but I never came up with the funds and now I've been laid off so that acquisition isn't likely.
No responses yet. How about the Ortofon Rohmann, Jubilee or Kontrapunkt B?
The specifications of the Sumiko Blackbird (cartridge weight 9.6g, compliance 12 microns/mN) suggest that it should pair well with the SME IV tonearm for a combined resonance frequency of about 10Hz. As long as the output of the cartridge (2.5 mV) is compatible with the gain in your Rotel phono stage, you should be in good shape. If your Rotel phono stage is a standard 47k Ohm moving magnet phono stage, you should be in business.

To be safe, however, it would be good to hear from someone who has experience in mounting the Sumiko Blackbird on the SME IV or V series arms - just to be sure there are no physical compatibility problems between the cartridge and the tonearm.
Hi Cincy_bob,
The Rotel's phono stage is switchable between mm at 47kohm and mc at 100 ohms. That's why I also asked about those Ortofon cartridges I believe they all suggest >30 ohms. Or, as in the case of the Kontrapunkt, 50 to 200 ohms.
Done deal again! I bought an Ortofon Jubilee cartridge. I'll post my thoughts on this cartridge in my system once it is broken in.
Still waiting for my Ortofon Jubilee. Guess what. The Benz Micro L2 is breaking in BEAUTIFULLY! Maybe I'll have to see about a turntable that can use 2 arms.
I sold the Benz Micro L2. I'll probably miss it's warmth on some recordings. But I am liking the Ortofon Jubilee so far. It now has about 30 hours total. 10 hours on my rig through the Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1 T-9. It really delivers a satisfying, balanced sound. By that I mean nothing emphasized at the cost of something else and nothing shortchanged either. The only concern is that it almost looks like the cartridge 'suspension' (where the cantilever comes out) is riding on the record surface. (It isn't, or I would hear it, right?) Any thoughts?
Dear Gfloyd53: The very low riding of the Jubilee is normal, it is part of the Ortofon design, no problem till you hear it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks Raul,
No, I haven't noticed any problem. Now for the update. I have to mention, for the benefit of everyone who might read this, some of the problems I have encountered just changing the cartridge on my rig. First I must say that I have had many cartridges, arms and tables and that changing cartridges isn't usually this bad. But sometimes it is and others may have even worse stories.
Setting the HTA with the new cartridge; The old cartridge (Benz Micro L2) had the HTA set and was at the end of the travel allowed for this adjustment on my SME IV. The new cartidge's stylus did not extend as far forward and so I had to modify my armboard to allow more travel. (If VPI had biased the oblong hole a little further forward when they cut it I would have been fine.) I used my Dremel and fixed this problem.
Setting the VTF; The Ortofon Jubilee rides very low. Consequently when I placed the stylus on my Cartridge Man to read the tracking force, the cartridge body would rest on the plastic ring around the pad and cantilever so I could not get an accurate reading. Again, my Dremel to the rescue. I very carefully cut a narrow channel directly in front of the Cartridge Man's pad. Now my readings are fine.
Ok. The sound. I've been experimenting with tracking forces and headshell leads. I no longer prefer the Benz Lukaschek PP-1 T-9 for most records. I still like it on some classical albums and especially Cello and Piano pieces. But in general, I prefer the 100 ohm setting of my preamp. If I had an adjustable phono preamp, I might choose differently. So for now, I'm using 2.15 gram tracking force and 100 ohm impedance. The Benz Lukaschek PP-1 is just not the sweet match with this cartridge that it was with the Benz Micro L2.
And, yes, it still 'cleans the clock' of any digital rig that I consider reasonably affordable.
Dear Gfloyd: My experience with many Ortofon cartridges is that we have to follow the recomended Ortofon VTF, that in the Jubilee is 2.3.
The other issue is the VTA: at least in the Mc 2000/ 3000/ 5000/ and 7500 the cartridge/headshell must be parallel to the record for obtain the best of either cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks again Raul,
Yes, I know they recommend 2.3 grams. And I will be trying that again. Right now, I'm not sure I like the Ortofon 8 nines headshell leads that came with the cartridge. With them the cartridge seems lean compared to when I was using the the SME headshell leads. Although the cymbals sound really crisp and clean.
Dear Gfloyd53: Maybe the 8 nines needs a breack-in.

Regards and enjoy the music.
OK Raul,
I have levelled the Ortofon Jubilee, set the tracking to 2.30 and the 8 nines are sounding 'mighty fine'! Thanks.