Vpi Aries 1-3 difference between tables?

What are the big sound differences between the various Vpi Aries tables 1-3 given the same Vpi tonearm and cartridge? I really like the Aries 3 but it's a ton of money, even used. But the older models look to be great as well? Any thoughts? I have a vintage late 80's Sota Sapphire with an Sumiko FT-3 tonearm. Thinking of a possible upgrade? Or, maybe my table is just fine?
Save some money and buy a used Aries 1. It came with a heavy platter that you pay extra for on an Aries 3. The Aries 3 uses an inverted bearing, but it is not inherently better than a conventional bearing--it is ALL in the execution.
There is an Aries with 10" arm for $2000 currently available, if I wasn't a VPI dealer I would buy it myself.
Hey not wanting to hijack this thread... but do folks think there is enough difference between the Aries I platter and the 1200$ "super platter" upgrade for the III to make it worth the change. I have an Aries I and had been contemplating the platter upgrade.

On the same lines... do folks think the plinth on the Aries III is an upgrade over the original Aries I

and lastly...

the JMW 10 -> 10.5 -> 10.5i what do folks think about that progression in terms of sound quality? Is the nordost rewire and VTA adjustment worth chasing from the 10.5?

Then of course the standard 300 rpm motor versus the motor with the built in flywheel that is offered as an Aries upgrade on the VPI site?...

I think those topics all fall in the realm of hte original question.. :-)
Here is a link that covers why Aries I and 10.5 is better. http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Tables.html

If you have not read any of Sal's stuff, it could take you weeks to cover it all.

I've found Sal to be pretty much right on, equipment and recording wise.

Sal's comments on VPI platters are worth considering.

One of my tables is an Aries I/10.5. I also have an extended Aries III, with a 12.7 arm

thanx much that's an interesting read...

Unfortunately he hasn't evidently had any experience with the topics i was asking about..

The "super platter" upgrade to the Aries III vs the original Aries I platter (i know the bearings are different, but don't know the sonic or physical differences)

The 10.5 -> 10.5i sonic differences

The Aries I vs Aries III plinth sonic differences.

The upgrades motor with flywheel...

I suppose a basic comparison between a fully tweeked Aries III and an Aries I with 10.5i would really be worth reading..

It was nice to read that he was a real believer in the Aries I.

I suppose that might be enough to stop my whining for a little while. :-)
As an owner of the Aries 3/10.5/Superplatter and a 19 MKIV/Sama/10/TNT 5 Bearing and Platter, I'll offer up some comments.

The Aries I came with the TNT 5 Bearing and Platter. This is different than the stock Aries 3 platter. All Acyrlic platters are more forward sounding and higher in detail than the composite platters. The composites offer up better bass response and a more organic (i.e. whole) presentation although more recessed sounding.

The new Superplatter is somewhere in between the TNT MK5 platter and the all acrylic platters. IMO it may actually be superior to the Superplatter.

The 10.5i is a definite improvement over the 10. The 10 can have the "jitters" as it settles on a record. The 10.5 tracks audibly better. The Vahalla wiring also allows more details to be transfered to the phono stage.

Although you didn't ask, I'll through in some more comments. The SDS MUST be considered, it moves the table up a solid grade offering speed stability. As far as the outer ring goes, it does benefit many of the thinner LP's but becomes a pain putting on and taking off.

Hope this helps
Very good.. thanx much

i've been wrestling with what upgrades to make...if any...over my base Aries I / 10.5

Seemed like the tonearm upgrade was worth it
Really appreciate the many responces to my original question. Wouldn't mind finding a used Aries 1 with the 10.5 Vpi arm. If you know of any for sell. Send them my way...
Correction, Aries 1 with the 10.5i tonearm.
This is very interesting to me; although I was a VPI dealer in the past as well as the present I missed the Aries 1 and 2 period entirely. I have an Aries Extended on order with 12.7 arm and super platter. I have not used a composite platter for years, was using a TNT 1 with upgrades as well as a Basis Ovation, now have a Scout and Scoutmaster on display, all using acrylic platters. But apparently VPI is abandoning the acrylic platters, the two new ones use metal and the Scout and Scoutmaster are switching to the same platter. So if you want acrylic now is the time to get one.