VPI antiskate nylon string and collar

My Prime came will the AS device. I noticed the nylon sting is connected to a collar that is secured to the arm. I'm appears the collar is adjustable via a clamping nut that could be loosened and thereby alllowing the collar to be slid further toward the back of the arm. Would there be any benifit in the when adjusting AS?

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I use the AS device with a SS Aida as per Sound Smith instructions and it works very well. It basically stops sibilance on the vast majority of records. More focused sound. I had a friend come over who had gotten setting it up down.

I also like it because you can loosen up the twist in  the connection wires. We used a blank LP to set it up. We also kept the AS device lined up with the front edge of the junction box so when I add or take away rings the AS Device it is in the same position. That way I am comparing just the weight not the weight and position of the AS Device.   
yeah or you can keep the AS device in same spot and add or subtract weight. Much easier to take one of the variable's out. So if you wanted you could keep same weight and change AS device angle. 

I do like  the AD device with SS carts. Never used it with Dyanvector.