vpi anti static mat

anyone using the vpi anti static mat.
I got it a few months ago for my Super Scoutmaster Ref. with rimdrive. I thought I was getting the black mesh mat I saw on line, instead I got a grey colored solid mat direct from vpi. It works well and does seem to remove a lot of the static without adversely the sound. It cost about $50.
The old (non anti-static) mat used for the Classic platter would cling to the record when it was lifted off...the new anti-static mat (from 3M) stays on the platter. They both sound exactly the same.
See, Harry's at it again, re marketing a 3M product at an outrageous price. Genius.
One other option for killing static is to add a ground wire to the bearing nut (if you can get to it - not sure you can with a Classic). I added a ground wire to my Scout 2's bearing nut and most static has disappeared. VPI agreed grounding the bearing should help with static.