Vpi advenger

Hello vip is having a special on this table. I have. Scout now this would be a big jump or not please advise. Thank you
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Is it a better deal than this listing?

If I had to have the Avenger, I'd seriously consider it. Prices have also been interesting with the DD model.
Haven't heard either one. But if the Avenger Reference isn't astoundingly night and day mesmerizingly impossibly in a whole new league better than a Scout, well then Harry would be out of business. And that sure ain't the case. So yeah, big jump.
Hello that one on audigon has been pulled for some reason 
Looks like it ran its time and expired. Probably still for sale. Contact the seller.
Just the rim drive let alone all the other enhancements would be a big step up in performance.
It’s “VPI,” not “VIP,” “Avenger” and not “Advenger.” 
I will let others comment on your actual question. 
Thank you for your grammar correction. I’m have had dyslexia my whole life. I would like some more input about the turntable. Thanks again 
Everybody is a spelling pro,what?
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