Vpi 3d Tonearm - Counterweight fitment

Question for anybody that owns a turntable with one of the 3d arms.

How well does the counterweight fit?

I have an issue... But not sure if it is an issue. The diameter of the hole on the counterweight is almost 2mm larger that the outside diameter of the back of the Tonearm. This means that the fitment of the counterweight is very loose since there is literally a 1mm gap all the way around. This makes setting tracking force and azimuth almost impossible.

The thumbscrew they included is useless, since you really have to crank it down through the insert just to make contact with the Tonearm.

Vpi sent me another counterweight but it is identical, same issue. Their solution was to send me a set screw with an Allen wrench so I can get more leverage to crank the screw down....

At this price point I'm having a hard time accepting this as a solution. Wondering if this is how these things are supposed to fit?
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I have a VPI 3D....its not at all as you suggest....as a matter of fact, its a firm fit...as it should be.
yep firm fit as stringgreen says - friction lock

if they sent you two counterweights and its the same problem you better check if your arm is a genuine unmodified plastic arm
I bought this turntable with this Tonearm direct from vpi, not sure if I'm not explaining myself clearly enough to them or what...

The counterweights they sent don't even seem close to fitting properly, looking from the back of it when mounted you can literally see through the other side of the counterweight  through the gap.
Either the tonearm or counterweight was not manufactured correctly. If you have a caliper, measure the diameter of the tonearm' end. Relay that info to VPI.
@sydbar81 and @slaw

that is what i was getting at as well

these 3d arms are ’printed’ off a computer program spec -- a small slip up in the entry of a diameter or some other dimension is easy to do, then what comes out of the resin printer is off

i have had stupid QC issues with VPI before... so not out of the question this happens
Agreed @jjss49. I measured mine, it is 1/2" OD. (outside diameter).
Thank you all, this is what I figured. I am going back to vpi with this info to get a replacement Tonearm. Since I have already tried 2 counterweights with them I would have to assume it's the Tonearm.
I think they know that.
I have the same issue but not to the degree you're having. Seems I have to adjust the tracking force every two months or so, the tightening thumbscrew on the counterweight is 'self mis adjusting' on a periodic basis, didn't consider it might be the tonearm.. hmmm.
Had that exact problem with my Prime.   Finally admitted defeat and bought a different turntable. 
VPI ( the American company, we still want to support) would be better served as would their customers with hiring a QC guy.

After 40 years, why are we having this conversation? Frankly, if I owned the company and was driving a Maserratti, and could afford any audio component I desired, I would feel very guilty that my customers were having so many unavoidable problems.
Please replace "unavoidable" with (easily avoidable) from my last post.
Measured with a caliper... Comment above overstated the gap a bit but still showing just shy of a mm or just over 1/32" variance. 
If this is a new table the tolerances are unacceptable, ask for a new arm or buy a SL1200G like I did and didn't look back
@jtsnead, that is exactly what I did too! It sounds better as well.  No more fiddling, just musical bliss.
I'm hoping vpi responds, this is a brand new table bought direct from them and this I the first modern table I've ever owned.

I parted ways with a yp-d71 and then a gt-2000 because I was afraid of failure and being unable to obtain parts. I'm beginning to regret that decision.

If there's no other solution, you can wrap the back of your tonearm tightly with plumber's Teflon tape and bring its diameter to the dimension you want.
You should not have to wrap the back of the arm with any kind of tape on a brand new 4K+ turntable.  I would demand a new arm and weight, anything else is unacceptable.  One of my reasons for ditching my Prime was because the arm felt really flimsy being made out of an epoxy resin. I do not think the arm is well thought out, so much for American ingenuity.