VPI 3D printed arm mod.

I understand that the 3D arm (which is considered one of the best arms there is), now has a (what is called - very major) upgrade.  I understand there is an additional pivot point on the left side of the arm (so it's now a kind of hybrid - not a uni-pivot arm any more.)  I was told that middle road cartridges sound like an Atlas (hyperbole?) with the new mod.  I understand all 3D's can be modified to the new design for 100 dollars.....wow.
Nothing on the website mentioning this.

Would be interesting to learn more about this.
How a pivot point completely changes cartridge performance for the better sounds to good to be true?

More info needed.

So...would it be fair to say it's not quite a Kuzma 4-point, more a Hadcock quasi-unipivot?
Details can be found here

Seems like a simple but sensible adjustment but crude in comparison to the same type of solution offered on the Durand arms where the second pivot is a rod moving on a trace with the contact adjustable by movement of a weight on the rod. The design and mass of the weight influences the sound as does the degree of contact so yes I can believe this is makes an audible change
Fremer’s mini review notes "no audible improvement", just a "psychological" feeling of more stability, before playing in the groove.

What about increased friction screwing with anti-skate?

Nothing of significance here IMO!

I am wondering why this mod with this arm, the 3D arm? As some of you know I have had several of these arm wands and have had issues with the arm twisting slightly under normal conditions, ever so slight but have gotten into the habit of checking and adjusting before each listening session.

Mat and Harry have replied to the Fremer article linked above by brf. Seems the mod will be user doable at home at not much cost.
VPI should just add pivot damping back, to the 3D arm, like their older JMW arms, which had no stability problems.
Pivot damping generally closes in the sound,  ,,eliminates the air, etc.  Cartridges are designed with their own damping...that should be enough.
Proper adjustable pivot damping has always given me an "across the board" sonic improvement with every cartridge!

It is a must have adjustment IMO!
I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Prime/Ortofon or Lyra combo after 6 months of vacillating. Would it be smart to wait until VPI offers tonearms with the mod already completed?

There's zero chance I'd attempt any major surgery on the arm once I have it.
Harry already has modified a few arms....Fremer, his own, et al.......just order the Prime with the dual pivot arm. Its not surgery....Harry says he’s working on a way to do it at home with no tools.  By the way....Lyras and Ortofons work great with the 3D...
When Harry changed from 12.6 to 12.7 he brought back adjustable fluid damping. IMHE it was a big improvement and continues to be useful. What I hear contradicts @stringreen 's comment above about closing in the sound and eliminating air. That's what happens when it's OVER-damped, not damped. If that is your result, just dip a Qtip or two into the fluid to absorb a bit of oil and you should be good to go. Cheers,

VPI metal arms have a damping adjustment.....VPI 3D arms are designed without one.  There is a reason a simple thing like a cup for fluid was eliminated.  I could guess, but then again.....