VPI 3D arm

Is the VPI 3D arm considered a high-mass arm?
no....but it mates well with most anything.
@stringreen , out of all the 10 inch arm wands available would there be a best match for a MM cart in general terms and a Grace F9R in specific terms? My table is a tricked out Prime and I also have a Classic 1 arm wand but I am seeking a third arm wand to accommodate the MM.
The thing is.... the Classic metal 10 is a very fine sounding arm, but the 3D is in another league....If you decide on the 3D, for 150 dollars (which sounds like way too much for those cheesy bits)...the 2nd pivot brings it to an even higher performance category.   Well worth the little cost.
Alas,  It now cost me  $211.43 shipping included.  Oh, that's presuming they do decide to ship it.  I ordered it on a Friday it's now Wednesday and they still haven't shipped it.  I did call to find out why and was told that Matt Weisfeld is the only one who can do shipping papers.  Apparently, this is why things get shipped from there at a snail-like pace.  I've been in manufacturing all of my adult life and most things don't need the owners approval to ship.  That's generaly why people have shipping departments (with computers).
@drewmb1, your post does not make sense.  $211 for what?  VPI doesn't do direct to consumer sales, their products must be bought through a authorized dealer.  Are we talking about a warranty replacement, trade in?
I'm referring to Stringreen's comment.  It has always been purported that the 3d arm and the classic metal are interchangeable.   Not so without changing out the pivot piece which VPI is theoretically selling me should they decide to ship it.  Hope springs eternal. 
All well and good but nobody answered the OPS question. That is a thread hijack folks.
Sure they did,  Please re-read the first two responses.
@drewmb1 , I am using two different metal Classic arms in lew of the 3D arm that came on my Prime. One of the arms are off a Classic 1 and the other from a Classic 3 with no mods, these arms are interchangeable, I believe the problem is with some of the older 10 inch arms.
Yes, you are correct.  It's actually that the damping well interferes with the 3d arm.
I am excited about using my 3d arm though, presuming VPI can get the owner to approve a shipping ticket...........
If you wanted fast turnaround you should have ordered the dual pivot from a VPI authorized dealer who are set up to deal with retail customers as oppose to VPI who are not. 
Actually, it's not the dual pivot.  It's the sharp pointy pivot point minus the  damping well as stated above.  Nice try though....
Hey, we are getting so close to them shipping......  It's only been 1 1/2 weeks and counting to ship a 1 pound package.  It could happen!
Mat is on paternity leave right now, so I hear. Why don’t you just cancel the vpi order and buy the same thing from an online retailer like Music Direct? Only drawback is you’d have to stop kvetching.
Wow, why didn't I think of that?  Oh, that's right, I remember now.  I did.  It's not a stock item.  Once again, nice try.