VPI 300rpm motor upgrade problem

I bought the VPI 300rpm motor for my Scout and installed it today. The motor did not arrive with any installation instructions in the box, but the installation appeared straight forward. In any event, the motor seems to be running much too fast, plus the pulley is noisy. This is probably a dumb question, but is it possible to wire the motor in error such that it would run too fast? I'm pretty confident that its wired properly, but I would appreciate comments or suggestions of those who have installed this motor in place of the 600rpm motor.

Also, the stainless collar that fits on top of the motor box with the stock 600rpm motors, will not fit over the pulleys on the 300rpm motor and a new collar was not included. This leaves the opening for the motor exposed and looks cheesy. Am I missing something here?
Never mind. I took the pulley apart and applied some lube and tightened the brass collar underneath the plastic pulley. Seems like its ok now.

Take some baby powder, put it on the tip of your finger, turn on the motor and rub the powder on the inside of the belt. The noise will go away, since platter is so heavy the powder allows the pulley to spin and then grab without creaking.