VPI 300 RPM motor clicking when starts

I've got an Aries III motor and SDS. When I start the SDS (or motor) in the first second or so it has a mechanical clicking noise from the top of the motor. This disappears within the first second or so. It seems to function fine with very low noise or hum - even when tested with a stethoscope.

My friend has an older 600 rpm motor with his Aries I and SDS and he brought it over. His does not do this at all.

Interestingly when I plug the motor into the wall, without the belt attached to the platter, it doesn't make this noise during start up.

For you 300 RPM VPI motor owners out there, does yours make a slight mechanical noise immediately during starting it up which lasts for only a second or so?
Yes, mine does and actually will do it longer if there is more load on the motor such as with a Super Platter. I think it's a soft start clutch on the motor.

Thanks Mike!
I had the same situation on a Scout (with the 300rpm motor upgrade) and also on the new Aires III that I replaced the Scout with. I thought it sounded like "belt slap". Like the belt would hold back just a bit on the initial load but then kind of "snap" when it got up to speed. I have a Super Platter arriving today or tomorrow for the Aires. I'll see if it is more delayed as Mike described.
I, too, have the same clicking sound on my Scoutmaster. At first I thought it was the belt. Concurrent with turning on the motor, I also help lesson the start-up load by giving the record platter a little twist. But I have also had the same noise since day one. But not one complaint on performance with the Scoutmaster. I love it. I don't pay attention to the noise. It goes away after the table is at speed, usually about 1 second or so.
I had the clicking sound when my Superscoutmaster was brand new. Harry told me to drop a bit of lubricant under the brass plate on the motors and the noise went away.
This is my second Aries 3, both motors click on start up, oiling doesn't change things. I think Super Scoutmaster has a different motor. Harry must get a LOT of calls.

I have an Aries 1 with the 300rpm, running with the black belt and have the clicking upon start up. But when using the original clear belt no clicking. I think it is the belt type perhaps?