VPI 3 owner

Hello VPI 3 owners w/ 10.5i arm. what cartridge best matches your table? I am thinking about upgrading. right now I have the Dynavector DVX 20 special.
hello darell, i am using a zyx universe xsb, i have a dyna 20xl that i was using before the universe, of course the differences are huge, universe is mating very well and better than i thought with my vpi rig, good luck and enjoy the music.
I second a Zyx. Zyx matches very well with VPI. If Universe is too much cart for you, consider an Airy or a Fuji.

Zyx carts are light and will require extra weight on the head shell for proper balance. Don't buy the silver or gold base from Zyx. They cost too much ($300 for silver, much more for gold). You can get a steel weight from VPI for $15. You won't hear any difference.