VPI 19 MK III , which L/O cartridge?

I'm looking to replace my Benz Gold certridge and would like feed back on other cartridges available. I have a VPI 19 MK III with the ET II air bearing arm. I 'm running an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A with JC Gold phono board, Bel Canto Evo4 bridged, JPS NC cables, and NHT 3.3's. I don't want to spend thousands just wondering if anybody knows of any magical combinations available.

Try the Shelter 901 cartridge. I heard one in a Mk. IV with a SME IV arm and was quite impressed with what I heard. I have in my Mk. III, SME 309 rig, the Monster Sigma Genesis 2000 L/O MC. It is no longer made but is a fantastic performer as well.
I have exact same table/arm combination for 2nd system. I have used a whole lot of different MC cartridges from $200 to $3500 range. For most bang for bucks, I would recommend Shelter 501mkII, Benz Glider 2, Benz L2(or M2). If you have a budget over $1k, definitely try Shelter 901. Both Benz and Shelter cartridges work well with ET2 tonearm.
I have used only the Glider with very good results in tracking ability, frequency response and soundstaging.