VPI 16 or 16.5 RCM identification help needed

I was wondering if some VPI 16 or 16.5 experienced owners could offer some information?

I just bought a preowned VPI from Agon that was advertised as a "16.5" model with very low hours, great condition,etc. It arrives in a non-VPI u-haul packing box and it looks certainly looks used, but not bad, but not with very low hours either.

I look at the metal plate on the back and it reads Model 16 and serial no. 6264. It has a foam coaster on the platter rather than a cork one. Also the hinged acrylic cover is dark smoke color that wraps L-shaped over the back.

I suspect it is really an older model 16 and not really a 16.5. Do the 16.5 models typically have "16.5" stamped on the label?

Does anyone know if that serial #6264 identifies it either way? {I realize I can call VPI during the week, but would rather not hassle them)

The VPI 16.5 I purchased about 5 years ago has HW-16.5 stamped on the metal label with serial number 19932.
Hi just looked at the back of mine. It's stamped 16.5 and serial # 19678. My unit is about 8 yrs old...
Sounds like you have an upgraded 16 to 16.5 like mine. The original 16 had the pickup tube glued to the lid. You had to lower the lid to vaccuum the record. The 16.5 upgrade kit, replaced the "tube-in-the-lid" with the black spring mounted assembly. You had to by a new lid seperately if you wanted to be able to close it. I bought mine in 1980 and did the upgrade kit as soon as it was released a few years later. Mine has worked PERFECTLY for almost 30 years and thousands and thousands of records later. BTW, the serial number of mine is 325 and has a Walnut vinyl wrap finish as opposed to the black they now have and the same lid as yours. I replaced my mat with an anti static felt mat years ago and I don't remember what mat it came with originally.
My 16.5 says 16.5 and is Serial 27xxx. it is less than a year old.

You can upgrade the foam to cork. They sell sticky cork sheet at McMaster Carr (the thinnest cork gasket material). I bought some and it works perfect for use as a 2nd cork mat, and cost $3.

I wouldn't worry about the cover. You want the proper/latest pickup tube though, sounds like it was upgraded? Does the pickup look like pics of new ones? How well does it work?

BTW, to me it sounds like this unit was a little bit misrepresented. Low hours but 15 years old is a little misleading in my opinion.
Thanks guys!!! That confirms my concerns. I will plan to return it.