VPI 16.5 thoughts

A while back, I had a thread about buying a conditioner or a RCM. I bought a VPI 16.5 and it arrived yesterday. This had to be the stupidest question I have ever asked.

Although the motor didn't work and the turntable didn't turn, I did clean a couple of dirty lps and a couple Columbia six eye classical records - (in particular, a Bach organ record). Awesome! I cleaned a $1 copy of Billy Joel's 'The Stranger' bought at half price books. It now sounds on par with the SACD version. The Bach organ record exhibits way more air than I could have every imagined. etc. etc. etc...I guess I was never really able to remove the dirt with hand cleaning.

Music Direct is sending me a new one along with the return label which is a fair and proper way to handle things - I'm pleased with this kind of service. I will continue with this company for vinyl needs as good service needs to be rewarded. :-)
Plinko the only stupid thing here is there is no question.
So HOW did you clean them?...
Nothing special. Scrub the vinyl while off VPI with RRL. Vacuum. Scrub the vinyl on VPI with other RRL using the VPI brush. Vacuum. Place on turntable. Zerostat. Decca brush. Turntable on. Play. :-)

Today I did a Grateful Dead live 2lp set that was frying bacon before, now it's pretty smooth but still some pops and clicks. Another succcess today was The Who's Live at Leeds. Geez, I wish I had gotten serious about vinyl a long time ago. Great sounding $5 lps and the equipment pays for itself.
Not sure about the rules, does every thread have to have a question? I didn't see that.
This had to be the stupidest question I have ever asked.
IME the stupidest questions have been the ones I've been too afraid or proud to ask.

I remember your thread, and remember being among those who advised buying a RCM before a power conditioner. Glad to hear it's working out. (Sort of, I assume you're bugging VPI to get it running right.)

Now about that power conditioner.... !
"This had to be the stupidest question I have ever asked."
I was looking for the question since I don't beleive there are stupid questions. Maybe some lazy questions or stupid silence.
Music Direct sending me a new one. Nice company. Hopefully, I'll have it today. :-)

Aye, Gregadd. It's not just cleaning up a lot of pops, tix, and noise, it's the clear improvement of air and soundstage that's quite amazing. If one cannot try stuff at home, one relys on word of others. Unfortunately, no one in my circle is into audio. If you're a skeptic like me, the sense of amazement perhaps is even greater. I knew it would make for cleaner records, I just didn't realize how much better they would sound.
Hey Doug, I bet it broke because of a power surge :-)). Just kidding! Glad you like the RCM Plinko, I bought 6 LP's yesterday and cleaned 'em all on my 16.5. Now, about that Power Conditioner...

Plinko there is a cumulative effect on record cleaning. the record gets cleaner with each cleaning. antistatic devices like zerostat helps. also try different fluids like record research. enjoy.
Hey Doug, I bet it broke because of a power surge
Ouch! Ya' done got me! ;-)
Got the replacement VPI 16.5 today. Found it on my front porch when I went home for lunch to today to clean records, er, let the dog out. Thing works like a champ. Wonderful service!