VPI 16.5 problem

I just recently purchased a VPI HW-16.5 record cleaner and it worked perfect for the first week or so, but now when I flip the vacuum switch, the vacuum piece moves down onto the record and it goes ok for a second, but then the vacuum is too much and the platter stops rotating and it's just vacuuming the same spot. Anyone know what the problem is?

I'm doing this with the cleaning solution on the record so it's not that it's a dry record. And I've experimented with using more or less solution, but I get the same results.
Nevermind, I figured it out. the platter wasn't seated correctly.
I suspect that the set screws on the shaft have come loose. Remove the round piece of cork on the inner platter. Remove the three phillips screws. This will enable you to remove the platter. Tighten the allen set screw on the platter drive assembly. Reinstall the platter and the phillip screws. Replace the round piec of cork. You should then be good to go! Report back after the fact!