VPI 16.5 Low Suction

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Fortunately for y’all I have not much posted in last few years. I hope everyone is doing well.

This seemed to happen at once as opposed to gradually but my 16.5 has very low suction. I thought I would ask the collective intelligence here before calling New Jersey.

What is the most likely culprit? Broken tube? I have never done ANY maintenance in the five or more years I have had it.

Take it EZ,
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 A little more information would be helpful. Does the vacuum seem to laboring indicated by a louder than usual noise? If you place your hand over the tube port with the vacuum on, is there much suction and does it change in sound as you plug the port and unplug the port with your hand?  If it doesn't change or very little change is noticed, then the vacuum is plugged between the port and the vacuum itself. You can disassemble the machine and clean the port to vacuum line. Another possibility is that the vent in the case is plugged and therefor the vacuum doesn't have adequate air flow which reduces the level of suction. One last item to check is all the connections to see if any cracks or hoses have come loose. My last guess would be the vacuum is failing and needs to be replaced.
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Hi Robert, see if this saves a phone call.

First, have you inspected the suction tube?  No signs of cracks?  Fully seated position?  Both felt strips in place?

Second, check the angle of the suction slot (it might have been rotated).  When I bought my 16.5 the suction was not adequate.  Checking with VPI Mike told me the slot should face slightly forward.  With a 360 degree compass at the outside end of the tube the slot should point around the 185 degree position.

Since you've owned it 5+ years you should be familiar with the sound level of the vacuum.  Does that seem normal or has it been diminished recently?

Good luck.

Hey Folks,

I ordered a tube and it came in today.  When pulling out the old tube a piece of it came off the end that goes in the tube holder.  Put in the new tube and all is well.  Better suction than I have had in some time.

Thanks for you answers,
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