VPI 16.5

hi Guys,
my VPI record cleaner is almost 2 years old and still working great.i am a little confuse about the liquid suppose to drain out of the little tube that attach to the back.i normally clean about 2-3 records at a time,but for the last 2 years,i havent seen 1 single drop of liquid supposely to come out the tube..where could it be?? hmmm..evaporate??
I will evaporate over time when used in small quantities. However, if you read the manual that came with the 16.5, you will see that you are to tip the unit backward to allow the used fluid to drain from the catch pan. If you were to clean a number of records at a sitting, the catch pan would overflow and the fluid would leak out of the fiberboard bottom of the 16.5 if you did not follow this proceedure. It's sometimes good to read the directions.
Jependleton - BIG thanks. There are many of us that bought our 16.5 used and do not have a manual. I had been wondering the same thing as Ttrhp