VPI 10.5i tonearm and VTA

Has anyone (especially the engineering types) out there ever measured the actual height change of the tonearm in millimeters as it relates to the per revolution adjustment of the VTA adjustment knob on the 10.5i arm?
hello Sschwepler i think we all would like to have exact adjustments for our analog gear. we would like to be able to set it and forget it, but it seems that it does not work that way.
for my 10.5i i use a ruler with the pull out get the arm the same height at the cartridge mounting and then the fun starts.
small amounts up or down and time and listening not happy OK then more moving and listening.
good luck on your table and arm combo and IMO you need to take the time and patience to dial in the VTA also.
BTW that also goes for tracking weight to.
they are like two peas in a pod working together for better or worse sound.
have a good one.
Have you ask VPI your question? Try Mike at


Good luck.

I agree 100% that it takes time and patience to dial in the VTA and VTF...and I have done that. I also have been playing with different turntable platter mats to see and hear the difference. One of the mats is the Funk Achromat and is exactly 3mm thick. I just thought that if someone new the height adjustment change to the VTA tower on the 10.5 it would make going back and forth between different mats of known thickness a little easier and
quicker...getting the cartridge at the previously known VTA sweet spot regardless of the mat thickness.

And to Pryso..I have been trying to call Mike at VPI for over a week now and the line is constantly busy. Business must be good.