VPI 10.5i counterweights ..umm.. weights

What weight of counterweight should I use for my Lyra Dorian Mono - which only weighs 6.4g ?

At present I have to add a weight to the headshell - which I've never liked doing and am at last taking the time to tidy up - having just bought Soundsmith Counter Intuitives.

My other 10.5i armwand carries a Lyra Skala (9gm) and the counterweight is ideal (ie. as close as possible to the pivot point). Both counterweights are the same. I weigh them on my primitive kitchen balance at just over 110gm. (They need the CI sticky scale width to be trimmed down to 1 - 5).

The lightest counterweight I've seen for sale is 100gm. I somehow doubt that would be light enough to lose the headshell weight - especially when adding the CI collar.

I'd be grateful for any help/advice. Thanks.
Can you not move the counterweight any closer to the pivot? I am assuming that you have moved the counterweight the whole way into the wand as far as it will physically fit. If that is the case, 6.4 grams is not that light, I would think that moving the counterweight in would work fine.

If not, then your only alternative is using the head-shell weight. The Counter Intuitive is great, but it won't make the counterweight any lighter.
If you have not removed the VTF adjustment bolt at the end of the arm, try that. It should help a little.
Thanks both.
Counterweight as far in as possible still needs head-shell weight. It's then back about a centimeter..
VTF adjustment bolt is jammed in ! and always has been. I live with it rather than risking using too much torque. I don't believe it will help enough anyway - which is why I haven't swapped to the other arm (where the VTA bolt did come out - and stays out..)
Is 100gm the minimum weight sold ? Don't they go lower for the 9" arms ? - and if so, are those useable on 10" arms ?
VPI has any counterweight you need....they will recommend the one you should have. Lyra recommends a gimbaled arm for their cartridges. VPI has new side weights for their arms that work well ....better than the older weights. Get in touch with VPI to modify your arm.....the tower might also have to be changed ...there is a black one that is thinner so that the new larger weights don't bump into it as it plays the record.
Thanks Stringreen. I'll send them an email.

I went via Agon first as VPI are usually so busy it takes a while to get a reply - and maybe someone already had their recommendation.
My Grado Statement1 is only .6g heavier than your Lyra and is just nearly at the limit of the stock counterweight when using the abolutely necessary CounterIntuitive, so I can see your problem. If I had to do anything about it, I would avoid just adding mass to the headshell, but would definitely try a cartridgeman isolator instead. You would get the small bit of increased mass at the cartridge end of the arm, but, if the reviews are accurate, you would probably be too happy to care. Here is a link to CM's site: http://www.thecartridgeman.com/isolator.htm
talk to VPI...they can make any weight that you need...they will recommend one for you.
Mcbuddah - thanks. I have a Cartridgeman Isolator which I use elsewhere with his MusicMaker 3 cartridge.
The two reasons I don't want to use it for the Lyra Dorian is (1) I wish to keep the same/similar VTA setting as for the Lyra Skala on the other 10.5i arm - so that I have quick and easy swapping between stereo and mono carts (2) the construction of the Lyra carts is such that they require and are voiced for a firm and rigid coupling with the headshell. I asked Roy Gregory some time ago about using Isolator with Lyra - and he made this observation.