Voyager GaN Amp ... anyone have one?

I know some people have them on order. Has anyone gotten one yet? Please any update is helpful.
Call Wally and see if he has shipped any amps.  The website says late Feb. as shipping date.  Of course, he may not make this date.  The original shipping date was Nov....then Dec.....then late Feb.
I am told mine is shipping this week. We'll see. I have no confirmation
Forgive my ignorance but is Voyager the brand or the model of the GaN amp? Is this an Underwood Hifi made amp?
Underwood Hifi owns LSA (Living Sounds Audio). The Voyager amp is being manufactured by Wally’s company (LSA). You can see info on the amp on Wally’s page and on LSA’s page. So the brand is LSA and the model is Voyager.
Thanks Ric. I didn't know Wally owned LSA so that all makes sense now.
Tweak 1,
Yesterday, on the "Truth about Modern Class D" thread you stated:

"Apparently, the GaN Voyager is still going through its development issues."

So, I assume they did not ship you an amp this last week and that it might be yet delayed again?   Are you going to get one in a couple of weeks, months?  What is Wally saying now?
Just keeping this thread afloat. Any updates, or info?
Incase you didn’t see it, here is the pre release done by Mono & Stereo High End mag.

 And this one, it takes a while to load, be patient

Cheers George
Emailed Walter and he said the first 6 (baby batch) were being shipped this week and the next serious batch will be shipped at the end of April.  He said the board has gone through 3 revisions with each one sounding better.  He did not want to release it until he felt it was great.  I know what he means......took me many months and many mods to get my modded IceEdges right.  So we might hear something from one of these first 6 owners.....or we will have to wait until May for some real feedback. 

The Class D Audio amp (also GaN should be out in a month or so (he is waiting for boards and chassis).

So, within a couple of months we should have some feedback on these two moderately priced ($1600-$2500) GaN amps..
Somehow I did not get notification of recent posts

Rics: So, I assume they did not ship you an amp this last week and that it might be yet delayed again? Are you going to get one in a couple of weeks, months? What is Wally saying now?

How many months did I wait for you to deliver my 1200, when ’all’ you did was modify existing modules? Bugging you did no good, and only further frustrated me! Rant aside, I still love my EVS 1200.

Whereas, LAS did a ground up build (boards from CAD drawings, etc, etc), and while the GaN chips are very inexpensive, getting them to meet expectations takes a fair amount trial and error with high quality parts), even in the hands of an accomplished builder

When it shows up, I will update various threads and start a new one


How many months?  You figure it out.   You paid me July 2 and it was shipped August 21 (same year).  You get frustrated very easily, it seems. Relax, try being more patient...every moment is perfect....breath, enjoy and love it. 

Whereas you mentioned you were getting a GaN amp in last Sept. (later revealed as the Voyager) and still there are no amps (6 months later).  I have no problem with things taking time.  However, the Voyager (in print on their page) was scheduled for release in Nov.,  then Dec., then Jan, then early Feb, then late it looks like they will actually happen in late April.  No biggie really, its just that some of us got all excited to see how this latest inexpensive buzzword amp sounded versus a known amp (my modded IceEdge, etc.).  We shall know soon enough.  I do hope it is great and beats my modded IceEdge.  I always want us to expand and grow with each breath.  We are infinite....there are no boundaries, except the ones we make up.