Vote for your "Favorite Christmas Music CD or LP"

What is your favorite Christmas CD or LP and is it for the sonics or music. Perhaps a Classical, jazz, and Rock favorite would be easier...
The original (Volume 1) of "A Very Special Christmas", is my favorite.
Mannheim Steamroller 1st Christmas LP
E, Blue Christmas ?. I remember my mom giving to to me for christmas when I was just knee high.
I have a tie. Leon Redbone's and John Prine's.
Vince Guaraldi, Charlie Brown Christmas.
Any of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas cds followed by Trans Siberian Orchestra
Second Chuck Brown, my long time favorite - a glass of something, dark room, Christmas lights on the tree and listening to Vince and the gang always helps me forget all the crap and remember how lucky I am to enjoy another holiday season. Willie Nelson, Diana Krall and Elvis are good too.
This year I've been listening to Aimee Mann and Mindy Smith. Both are better than most but I'm still getting tired of the genre and it's only the 26th!
Christmas with John Fahey.
Windham Hill Christmas, the one with Anita Bryant singing Silent Night... past that I simply compile my own compilations in various genres... Jazzy, country, bluesy, etc... A Rat Pack Xmas is pretty good overall however.
The Russ Freeman Christmas CD is great, and the GRP selections (3 cd set)are ones I can listen to year after year which I can't say about most Christmas music.
My favorite is one that really goes back and it's A Burl Ives Christmas album. I like it because he brings a certain joy to all the Christmas songs. I also like Elvis's Blue Christmas.
I grew up with a Maguires Sisters album in the 50's-60's that had both kids and grownups songs. Loved the songs. Now I like the "NOW that's what I call Christmas" It has the usual list of xmas songs by the stars who made them famous.
Straight, No Chaser
Bruce Cockburn - Christmas
Hands down my fav is Over The Rhine's "Snow Angels". I will second the Mindy Smith as a great call by Dodgealum.
Charlie Brown Xmas by Vince Guaraldi. Fantastic all the way into July.
Sinatra LP for sonics and content.

Charlie Brown for content, not for sonics (including the new 45RPM version - good but not great sonics when compared to the others in the 45RPM series).