Vote for the Best Preamp: Audion, Jadis, ARC or CJ

Dear all

I would like to have your opinion on these tube preamps. Which one would you get for you? Again, my power amp is the Plinius SA-102 (and I do not need a phono section).

1. Audion 0.5 (new)/Audion Premier Line (new). Audion became famous for their outstanding Premier Quattro preamp. Now they are manufacturing a friendly priced line preamp: the 0.5 (I can get it for a very good price) that meanwhile was replaced by the Premier Line (nice price also). I am quite curious about these.

2. Jadis DPL2 (new). Jadis has a very good reputation among audiophiles. This Jadis preamp is less expensive than usual. But I found no on-line information (reviews, threads, etc.).

3. Audio Research LS8 (used, 1997)/Audio Research LS7 (used, 1998). Lots of people feel that classic ARC preamps are still the way to go for. And also that they match pretty weel Plinius power amps. I can get one of these two for a fair price as well.

4. Conrad Johnson PV10A (used, 1997). Some like it. Some don't.

At this point, I feel that Audion or Jadis (either new) are the best choices. Are they? Tell me ALL about it. Thanks.

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The answer to your question depends on what system each is connected in.
The system:

speakers: sonus faber cremona
source: meridian 508.24
power amp: plinius SA-102
preamp: ?
Look for a used Sonic Frontiers Line 2 or 3 and go with balanced cables between the preamp & amp.
Audion all the way...
OK, I just auditioned a plinius with an AyreK1x and it was very good. I susspect that CJ,ARC would be great also but it is more a matter of taste than one being better than the other- just keep in mind that all you can do is listen, get a short list of best in the price range and do the one that either sounds better for you or is built better than the other great options. Jadis and audion don't excite me but Ayre,CJ,ARC do. They are not the same though. Ayre is the most dynamic while CJ is the most bloomy. Which kind of sound do you prefer-you cant have it all for any amount of money. Depending on the system, I could see myself with any of these three, get the idea?
I'd look for a PAss X-1. Accurate, musical and quiet, with the bonus of true balanced design and output.
You should consider a CAT or Joule Electra. The CAT is a fantastic pre-amp. Crystal clear transparency. The Joule, although very good for the money, creates a very slight drop out on the upper mid range. Bottom line is, it's all about system matching. Some components form synergy, while others do not.
2nd the vote for a CAT pre.
It is simply superb from my personal experience.
Probably much more expensive than the ones you listed except the Jadis maybe & perhaps out of your budget(?)
Most tube preamps will not match the bandwidth of the Krell. Tube pres primarily gained popularity because of CD 101. Those days are long gone. Get a SS pre (BVaudio, PS Audio) and a tube CD player, like the Xindak SCD-2. Your Krell will then be able to strut its stuff to the max.