Vote for the best center speaker here

What do y'all think? Thanks
Ideally, the center speaker should be the same brand as your front speakers, or at least have a very similar sound as your speakers. That may be more important than the actual brand name...unless, of course, your front speakers suck.
IMHO, the best center speaker is no center speaker.
Now thats funny. Phild rules that one looks like. And of course he is right. They make center's costing over $5k that could be recommended. You will have to give more information if you want anything other than random answers. But now i'm wondering about my front speakers. . .
Hey, Cornfedboy: are you suggesting that the HT speaker setup sucks, or that a phantom center channel is better than a real center?
For a change I thought I would give my opinion of the best center channel the Klipsch KLF C7
I am with Kelly, I prefer no center channel. With the proper speakers in the right place there is NO need to have a center channel.
No center? I want one for HT, but not music. If you want one, the best for the money spent is also the cheapest; the B&W CC-3 ($180 list). Sounds a lot better than their CC-6 ($350). You would have to spend at least $550 for the CDM center to do as well, but why spend 3 times as much? The CC-3 plays voices crystal clear, which is what I want a center for. I once had a Matrix HTM center and 2 Matrix 805s (for front) I picked up when I was planning to put together an HT system; but then sold them and had enough cash to pay for the entire surround speaker system; four new B&W 302s and the CC-3 (new), plus a used REL Q100E subwoofer. Other than clear voices, more than anything a really good sub is the best thing for HT, and makes up for the rest of the speakers. The REL Q100E is only $1000 list and was rated Class B by Stereophile.
Oh, I have a totally different system for music. I don't like to compromise there.
Von Schweikert LCR 31
Revel c30
I just purchased it and I can say without a doubt the best center speaker is the new Martin Logan Theater.
I'll cast my vote for the B&W HTM1. Its large and has enough low end to cover low male voices and make them sound natural. I've found that many center speakers are too small and really cut off the low end which can be disturbing with low voices or 5.1 concerts.
I have a Martin Logan Logos I've been happy with.
Aerial CC5. Awesome build quality and definitely better than the CC3b Stereophile Class A Center Channel.
Wow fellas chill out.... I never said that I think it is a good idea to have a stereo/HT integrated. I have Avalon Eclipse up front and with them set up properly a center channel is not needed. Now please just because you disagree with me and Cornfedboy it does not mean you have to give us negative points we are just trying to offer a different option for those who would not have thought of trying it. Any way asking what is the best center channel is like asking what's the best amp? it really depends on what equipment you have around it. I am sure that these are some good suggestions for center channels but well geez let's see how would a Martin Logan Logo's sound with my avalon's next to them? Bring it on -2,-2 I have more points then you can imagine.
With out a doubt the Aerial CC5!
I have the martin logan cinema, very pleased with the results. Tire I do ht/music all in one. Yes it can be done, just a bit expensive(pre for music and seperate pre for ht). I hear what your saying about the 2 fronts setup correctly the vocals come right from the center of the room. I experienced the same thing w/my 2 fronts but when I add the center I heard what all the hype was about. Big difference. I say the hell with the negative points. Whoever came up with "rate this post". I find this funny, every time you state your opinion and its negative to what some one else said; everyone feels they need to add IMO or IMHO. Of course its my opinion, I'm the one punching the keys. This is what I experienced when I auditioned the equip. and here's my opinion. Don't feel like I'm knocking what you own, it just doesn't work with what I own. I think before someone can rate a post, they should state who they are(screen name) and why the negative rate. Stop hiding in the closet and come out lets talk about why we disagree. Hey its probably something as simple as different cables. Tire I think I'm going to give you a negative rate cause you used martin logan in a sentence. Sorry in a mood swing today. Pete
We're waiting for Innersound to come out with their ESL. Should be in summer. (that's We have a house full of Roger's speakers, so we are shameless fans :-)