Vote for Rush for hall of fame

Yeah Deep Purple and Heart should be in there too imo.
Just voted, thanks for the link.
Thanks for the link. I just voted, but not for Rush. Albert King is the only giant on that list.
Not in my lifetime.
RRHF. bunch of self-aggrandizing clowns.
No thanks.

Rush is the epitome of bad Canadian rules that make local music be played 65 or 75% of the radio content.

Only "affirmative action" could have gotten Rush where they are today.
Snofun3, That does not account for their popularity in other countries though.

Even if you don't like them you have to acknowledge their success.

Personally I like them and voted for them. They are definitely the best on that list. I think Rush should have been inducted long ago.

I have no idea how they choose who they will vote for but Donna Summers should not be on the list based on the fact that she is not a rock'n'rock act.
I sure do wish we could edit our posts. I meant to type rock'n'roll.:)
You can edit your post as long as no one has posted after you.
I agree with Albert King.
Randy Newman, Joan Jett and Albert King waaayyyy before Rush.
Sarcher - Grand Funk was popular too, as are many of the rap "artists" that are talentless drones.

Popularity and talent don't seem to have much in teh way of a correlation.

With the exception of Peart, there are just soooo many good candidates before Rush that it's just pitiful.
Procol Harum!!
Snofun3, Talent is in the eye of the beholder. That is why there is a vote. It is obvious you don't care for Rush and that's ok.

I like Heart as well but think Rush is more deserving. My biggest issue is with candidates that do not play rock being nominated. Don't they have a Pop, Jazz, and or Rap hall of fame?
I'm not going to argue who should be in or not but a nominee Like Freddie King will be put in the RNR hall of fame by the people who run it not the general public. Yeah the same people who argue that the RNR hall of fame board is a shill are the ones who will vote to count on them to induct Freddie King.
I'm stoked that the public is being allowed to vote for bands,and I don't even know what % a band has to have to get in but it is nice to correct some bands that have been long over looked. Freddie King will get a lot of votes from established musicians and his few fans but when he does get in it will be because he was appointed by the RNR board and the musicians in the hall who voted for him not the general public.Let's get real if you asked someone on the street who Freddie King was they would probably say no or isn't he a blues Guitarist who wrote The Thrill is Gone?
Sarcher30, by your narrow minded criteria Rush doesn't qualify for the R&R HOF either. Is there a Prog-Rock HOF?
Onhwy61, The operative word is rock. Sure there are many types of rock. I will concede that pinning down a genre can be difficult.
Anyone who would vote for Rush can't not think "Trailer Park Boys"is the best thing since sliced bread! Hold the ketchup.
Rush is bad music played well. Nothing personal against them. They are certainly good musicians and Neil Peart seems to be a nice guy. But I cannot imagine how they think up that trash they write. I guess if you like Andrew Lloyd Webber, you'll like Rush. In fact, it's hard to believe they actually like their own music. I think they must sit around and figure out non-memorable melodies with gratuitous meter changes just to appear "progressive". If that were the case, I would respect them much more. Just some guys doing what they have to do to make it in music. No disrespect to anyone here who thinks they're great. It's just that when you grew up with Hendrix, Clapton, Sly, Joplin, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and others of that era, it's a bit hard to see Rush on the same stage. But so be it.
No, the operative word is "rock 'n' roll" and prog rock don't got no roll. Fortunately for Rush and others the phrase rock 'n' roll has historically encompassed everything from blues, pop, metal, rap, easy listening, a little bit of country and various dance genres.

For a good laugh check out the "Tom Sawyer" sequence in the movie "The Adventures of Power".
I wouldn't want a steady diet of Rush, but they are fine musicians, no doubt. Deserving of Hall of Fame, surely.

The girls from Heart most definitely. Ann has a fine voice delicate, powerful, and can be sexy too. Nancy, surely qualifies as a rock guitar goddess. I marvel at her acoustic stuff and wowed by her power riffs. Yes, they did go commercial for a while, but if you listen to Dreamboat Annie, Dog and Butterfly, and their live all acoustic album, The Road Home, one can get a true measure of their abilities. They have since leaving the commercial road gone back to their roots and have produced more great work. I always can enjoy a Heart song. Nice videos on MTV too when it still rocked.

I would not consider leaving or deleting the Wilson sisters or 2112 out of my collection. I still have great memories of seeing these two bands in their hey day. Big fan of Freddie King as well.

I try to keep an open mind about rap, but somehow have a hard time imagining today's rap fans singing fondly along with the stuff or telling their grand children about it. Can't imagine many "rap classics" being played at latter life dances or parties. It would be strange to see 70 and 80 somethings still enjoying ditties like" I did yo mom, I did yo dad, shot um with my gun cause I was bad", played at ear splitting volumes. Or worse yet watching 80 something rap artists performing their timeless ballads.
Oh, well, can't be too worse than hearing and seeing Mick Jagger belting out "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" one more time. Ug. Repulsive. Yet the stadium would fill . . . .
No accounting for taste and the worship of your era's rock and roll idols.
Freddie King is already in. It's Albert King who's been nominated this year.
I echo most of the sentiments in this thread. With an open mind I tried to give Rush a chance but their music is just plain mediocre at best. I can't understand their long-lived popularity. Individual musicianship is of high quality for sure, but their collective efforts are just weak. The only two records are truly enjoy are "Caress of Steel" and "2112." I can't stand the rest.