Voodoo/Tsunami Power Cords

For the sake of trying to keep this simlple here's what happened: I made a cable switch. I removed the Tsumani from the cd player and put in in the amp, and took the Voodoo from the amp and put it into the cd player. The difference in the sound is really astounding (for the better). My question is this: what cable change was most likely to have caused this effect? Any help/answers would be most welcome. (oh well... cd player/Simaudio Moon Nova; amp/Gryphon Callisto 2100)
Don't know, but I have Voodoo P/C's and almost all my equipment. I can't say a bad thing about them. I've used Synergistic Research, Blue Circle and a few others I can't recall. I like dealing with Bruce too.
What VooDoo PC do you have/use for the switch? I have a AZ Tsunami PLUS and it is really fantastic on my cdp. The folks at AZ told my that the Tsunami is more for front end components. I have yet to try my Tsunami PLUS on my preamp or amp.

That's interesting. I just read an ad here on the Gon that also claims the Voodoo sounds great on cd players. Since front ends are, I believe, most sensitive to cables, I'd guess the Voodoo change was the key. If you had another cable, even the stock, you might be able to tell with more certainty by switching them around. Keep the stock on the power amp and switch the Tsunami and Voodoo on the cd player. Then reverse it.

One thing for sure, you are onto a very inexpensive tweak. Thanks for sharing.
hello: man has this turned into something!! i bought my "voodoo" on AGON about a year ago and could not remember which model it was so i inquired of the voodoo folks by giving them a description of the cable. they(bruce) have since told me that they never made a cable that fits my description (blue band on source end)and that i have a counterfeit. im sending the cable to bruce for a closer look and will post the results. its unfortunate that i no longer have a record of the seller. however, no matter where it came from, it did what it did. maleja
I made the same switch and took a VooDoo Devil power cord and moved it from the amp to my 9000ES SACD player. I used a stock cord for the amp. The difference was noticably better. I'm not sure if moving to higher end power cords will make an improvement - the Devil is the bottom of the line. Any experience with other VooDoo cables?
When I first bought Tsunami +, I swapped it for the Synergistic Master AC in my amp. The improvement was substantial. Bigger, fuller, more body, more bass impact, more extension on top. I placed the Synergistic in the preamp. I then placed a 2nd Tsunami in place of the Synergistic/preamp spot. I was shocked that the improvement was even more dramatic. I repeated this same process with the DAC cord. I was speechless. The most improvement was with the cord in the DAC. I then placed Tsunami cord in all positions and have been happy ever since. Acoustic Zen certainly knows their stuff. I know there are other cords, especially more expensive ones, that are superior, but at this price point, I highly recommend Tsunami.
I have a problem with mine in that the female end on the cord does not mate tightly to the power receptacle on my rotel cdp...any suggestions for me here?
email me at mantisb@sympatico.ca if you have any suggestions.