Voodoo Evolution Speaker Cable Review

I've been using the Cable Company to audition speaker cables, and found the Voodoo Evolution speaker cables ($850 per 8 foot pair) to be the best for my system and amazing speaker cables overall.

So far I've tried Wireworld, Acoustic Zen Satori, Kimber 8TC and 12TC, Cardas (blue sky?), AQ Rocket 33, Clear Day Cables, and the Voodoo Evolutions to replace my fried PAD Musaeus's.

My system is pretty simple using the Wadia Integrated Intuition 01 for pre, amp and DAC. Tyler Acoustic LynnBrook monitor speakers and direct connect either a MacBook pro or iPhone digital out via nuforce ICON IDO into the Wadia via digital coax.

The first thing I noticed right away with the Voodoos in the system is that the sound comes from a black background giving a stunning 3 dimensional presence to the instruments, vocalists, etc. Also the bass is perfectly under control but cavernously deep.

Third, the sound is extremely natural sounding. Organic... to use a grossly overused word. But close your eyes and it's hard to tell that you're listening to electronics rather than a live event. Very very natural with a expansive but realistic sound stage..

When imaging and studio wizardry figure in, the imaging is exceptional. Also something that's really important to me is that the instruments sound timbrally correct, and the depth adds weight and palpability.

Who's this for? Basically anyone with quality components that values realism and a natural sound. Probably former musicians like myself looking for an authentic sounding instruments, voices, and space. I find myself listening to lots of vocal and acoustic music. Everything from Palestrina Lute ensemble to Vollenweider to Opera, Jazz vocal, bluegrass etc.

Hearing the instruments/voices properly placed, 3 dimensional, airy and out of a black background extremely natural and authentic sounding in my living room after a long day at work really does it for me. Unlike other cables I've had these are also faithful to well recorded rock, electronica, jazz and a wide variety of genres also.

In addition they're utterly non-fatiguing in my setup but also do a good job with transient detail.

One interesting thing is that from the beginning I really liked these cables, but there was one tiny recessed area in an otherwise very open midrange that bugged me and wasn't sure I could live it. They also did sound a tad dark and rolled off in my system.

Cable Company referred me to Bruce (the owner of Voodoo Cables) and he really couldn't vouch for what I was or wasn't hearing. But I happened to mention that I was bringing the cables in the lower speaker terminals. He lit up and said the cables definitely have to come in on the top terminals - it will make a huge difference.

Sure enough it did significantly improve the sound getting rid of the midrange issue, opening the mids up even more, improving the air, imaging and upper level detail, and bringing the sound back from slightly dark to neutral and totally natural.

Why bother writing about cables you've probably never heard of? Despite the fact that Steve at Cable Company was raving about them and he shares my taste for a musical and slightly lush organic sound, I wasn't able to find a single review or any mention of them anywhere with my admittedly hit or miss google skills.

The fact that the Evolutions beat out a number of other well known contenders in it's price by a good margin to my ears makes it seem odd that there isn't more conversation about them.

Anyone hear/hear of these?
Update: Before pulling the trigger I also tried AudioQuest Rocket 88's since they available locally and a couple hundred less.

Even AQ claims there's no break required because of the battery pack (forgot the specific term), the Rocket 88's did improve sonically in terms of depth and midrange over the course of the 3 days they were in my system. In fact I was warming up to them the longer they were in the system. I could probably have been happy enough with them especially if I hadn't had the Voodoos to compare them to.

But putting the Voodoos back in the system, the improvements were obvious and clearly worth the extra $200. Even though the Rockets boasted about the black background it was nowhere near the effect of the Voodoos. Also much better imaging, air, dimensionality, midrange, separation of voices, etc. was instantly noticeable from the Voodoos as well.

In short while both cables were good, for a little more money the Voodoo Evolutions clearly has more audiophile / high end attributes. This makes my system go from good sounding to WOW. And wow is what keeps me coming back again and again to listen to music in my spare time.
I see this is an old post but of specific interest. 
Mind if I ask what you are running for power cords? 
I recently swapped out my Voodoo Vision power cords from my receiver and amplifier to Shunyata Delta NR on both. I am happy with the Shunyata but the unfortunate trade off is losing part of the dynamics and resolution the Voodoo gave in return for a more spacious darker background from the Shunyata. 
Believing that a great deal of the dynamics came from the use of silver over copper with the Voodoo power cords I am considering swapping out my Morrow Audio speaker cables for the Voodoo Evolution speaker cables. My hopes are that the use of a quality silver over copper speaker cable may give me that back. 
Any insight/ info is appreciated. 
I like the ic evolution model...