VooDoo Cables

I recently swapped out my Shunyata Helix CX power cables for VooDoo Cables, the Mojo High Current.  I needed 10 foot runs and was not interested in plopping down Shunyata pricing, again, for longer runs.  The Mojo HC’s are an entry level cable from VooDoo and it was shared with me that I “probably” under bought for the amps that I have (BHK 300 monos).  Well, if it’s a downgrade, I can not hear a difference and my system is pretty revealing.  Nonetheless, thought I’d share that I’m a proponent of their cables, as I don’t see too much posted on them.
I've had several Voodoo power cords (Mojo, Fire, Platinum Dragon) in the past, and I would say they were all very good.  Bruce makes good cables. 
@gwng8 I swapped out much more expensive shunyata’s with the VooDoo cables, couldn’t notice a difference.
I don't fully subscribe to the "cables make a difference scenario," but have splurged on expensive cables despite that.  In system to system comparisons, with cable x vs y, it's very difficult to validate any improvement, other than your ears.  In my system, the less expensive cables imparted 0 difference, which in my case was good.  As they cost 1/2 the price of the Shunyata's.  

I suppose the point is I was able to achieve equal results with a cable that cost significantly less.  
Have any of you tried the Cerious Technologies Matrix cables?
They will impress..

I would have tried the CT Matrix powercable. But I hate heavy stiff cables.
With the service (or lack thereof) I received from cerious I will never consider their overpriced products again!